this isn't real

this isn't real V1.5.2

this mod is incredible it gives you the ability to fly
no character has ever done that
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Honestly, I like this mod, the sprites look decent and using an obscure art program for making sprites is actually impressive (also an addon doesn't need to have original moves to be good imo, sometimes people forget that lol). My only complaint tho is the jump needs to animated other than that, 5.5/10
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We went from one clone to another, and now is a copy of metal sonic.
the sprites are still funky looking it still has one jump sprite.
the description says it has a "double jump" ability". it does not.
this is still just a copy of a vanilla character.
(not) looking forward for the update that turns him into a knuckles clone.
the double jump ability is the metal sonic ability
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his sprites are misaligned.
he only has one jump sprite.
his eyes look better than paint sonics as they don't stick out of his skull.
I'm fine with him being a tails clone, just make it look less lazy.
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This really is just tails with worse sprites, Paint 3D isn't the best but it sure is better than this.
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I didn't want to be so critical, but this mod reeks of low effort. I genuinely don't see anything that's as good as Paint 3D Sonic (At least I think so. I've only seen the mod's front page.) I'll keep it short and list off the pros and cons.

..I guess it isn't a lie? This really is just Tails but with Paint 3D sprites.

The sprites can be better. I know this was made in Paint 3D but I've seen a lot of great things come out of it.
However, the abilities are really uninspired. This is just a tails reskin. I understand that you wanted to make another Paint 3D character but at least try to put some meat into it like how you did with Paint 3D Sonic.

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