SRB2: Time On Mobius (Working Title)

[Open Assets] SRB2: Time On Mobius (Working Title) 0.1, The "Ready To Consume" Build!

feel ready to work on more shotty remakes. thats all.
my mental health (or it could be me just being tired) is draining and i wanna take a break. remember when i said i wanted to go "1 step foward, two steps back?" well, each update will most likely be adding a zone after this next one i'm working on, as to keep quality quality and to keep remastering my remasters. hopefully you'll understand. if you don't, i dare you to try and make an at least 2-level map pack as quality as the official game without messing up one time. maybe i could settle a team in the future and split different mapping processes up so i'm not so pressured. idek what to say im tired


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firstly, yes, that was a chris chan reference you read.
secondly, i'm taking extra measures to make sure later builds don't end up a pile of dog-crap. this means i'll work on quality over quantity. in simple terms, the next build will be one step foward, two steps back.
since ssntails released the 2000 prototype's source code, i can quickly get an accurate view of the maps i'm trying to redesign. i MAY or MAY NOT release an april fools update, so get ready to laugh your ass off this april 1st. so, i'm gonna "go work on it" over this spring break, brb!