SRB2: Time On Mobius (Working Title)

[Open Assets] SRB2: Time On Mobius (Working Title) 0.1, The "Ready To Consume" Build!

Honestly when this gets finished I see everybody using this mod instead of the normal campaign
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i want to see where this goes. something that actually plays with the early 2000's blending of canons that srb2 had, and something that harnesses old srb2 ideas, sounds really fun.
i get what you're going for. i love scarlet canyon, and boost characters in general need levels suited to them.
but if you're playing with characters who can go fast, these levels are over before they begin.
i'll take this as a public preview of level design style and judge from there, so...

greenflower is just *boring*. i get the idea but it almost feels like you found vanilla greenflower too hard, which is an absolutely insane position to take if true. there should be some amount of having to align your character right to not lose your speed.

i do actually quite enjoy the sense of pressure in robotnirock. it's a pretty simple mix, crumbling platforms and a time limit, but the spacing and amount of time you *have* makes it feel like it's beckoning you to keep your speed across the platforming sections, which is a very real yet fair challenge. stuff like this was my favorite part of doomship from this oldc. unfortunately, i think if this is as hard as the level really *gets*, it's boring.

you might need some lua to do this (happy to provide some), but look to the actual boost games for some level design ideas if you're taking that approach, even if this takes things like, say... axis2d-specific physics and an all-characters version of modern sonic's rail grinding. which again, i'd be happy to have a crack at.
i get that a lot: more challenge and stuff, but ive never heard anyone talk about robotnirock as a pressuring level at all. thanks for the review. ill make sure to keep that in mind when mapping and remapping the stuff.
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This is fabulous! As someone with a fondness for boost characters, I truly appreciate the spacious, curvaceous level design! They have a nice, organic layout that doesn't seem locked to a grid, there's a nice sense of verticality, and it just feels good to blast through the levels when you're done exploring them. You really nailed it, I wish people would design levels like this more often. I'd love to see more levels added to the pack, but I understand that working for so long on these things can get draining mentally and emotionally. Either way, great work, and I hope you feel better soon!
thats what its meant for, but i was told later on making smaller levels would be better; idk what would really benefit both audiences
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I can actually tell where to go, unlike most of the vanilla levels. nice work.
it's meant to be linear to not mess with the player. i hate when stuff like that happens.
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Note :- this review is made in the time where the only levels that are there are
Greenflower and Robotnirock. so if the level pack has more then these then this may mean this review is outdated

I know I maybe harsh but trust me its for your own good. so you take all my criticism and make something good with it.

--: What is this? :--

now form what I get this is some kind of remake of the beta quest
but its done In a way where it isn't a remake. the only thing that is showing me that this is the beta quest is really just the start of GFZ which says
" The start of the Grand Beta quest "
because this simply doesn't feel like a remake.
if anything it feel like your own take on the levels. and ya they really don't feel like remakes

but now lets throw that Aside and focus on the main problem area.

--: Level Design :--

I get that this is probably a creator's first time trying to make maps. for a first time, these levels are good.
but again I want you to improve them so I will be honest about them.
they are not that good. first of all the levels are WAY TOO BIG to the point where it doesn't look that good.
plus the length of these levels do not help either. both levels are beatable in under 30 seconds which is simply not that good.
and sometimes it feels like I'm running aimlessly almost as if there is no goal.

now Greenflower is fine its not that bad.
but you really messed up Robotnirock. it looks really bad and almost out of place. and is even shorter then Greenflower zone somehow.
my only guess at why the levels are like this is because of them being somewhat unfinished.

if there is anything else I would point out. is how dark you made the levels. They are REALLY DARK, like I understand you want a feeling of depth but this isn't the way to do it.

and finally again these levels look NOTHING like the beta quest. a remake should feel like a remake.
not feel like something that looks nothing like what its based off.
really you could say this is simply your own take on the levels, but if it was a remake these levels would simply not do the job. you could infact download SRB2 TP and get the old layouts and edit them adding your own content if you want a remake. up to you

--: The MB page :--

now this is just me. but you should really explain what this mod is. like really I don't know if this is a remake of the beta quest. or your own take on the levels. make the MB page more clear about what this is.

--: In conclusion :-
levels are way too short beatable in under 30 seconds. they look nothing like what they are base off. they are way too dark. and they don't do their job very well

basically 2/5 its okay
thanks for honesty, that's all i could ever ask for in a review. here are my responses to your points:

1. it really is my take on the feb 2000 levels shown off my ssntails on his channel, i added the beta quest reference cuz i thought it was funny since we are both beta level packs just in our own ways.
2. i only really wanted the player to have the open space and not bump into walls, especially in fast-paced gamemodes like pizza time (didn't make a version for that but itd be cool if my levels were implemented) this is also not the first time making a level, the first times were super cluttered and borderline unplayable.
3. i can get to that in a minute.
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