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SRB2 addon setgamemodified removed 2.2.9

I give permission for this addon to be reused, modified, or ported by anyone
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I understand my submission will be rejected if it does not follow forum rules, Submissions guidelines, and/or file name conventions
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I'm glad I have ported my 2.2.8 source build which I didn't release =p but I made it beater at the time I didn't know what I was doing when working with the source code so I removed EVERYTHING that had setgamemodified=true or setgamemodified=multiplayer to false but this one has only the when you load a wad file it will set it modified so weather you are a mod developer or want to use mods and save without the game modified flag being enabled here it is. From my testing the flag that sets how many mods and what mods has not been modified when setting it to false so multiplayer is not affected : ). enjoy

the source code if you want it is here
hope you enjoy : )

if you are getting the libmingwex-0.dll error then download and put it in the directory

edit: oof wrong title has been fixed
  1. You can corrupt your record attack ghosts by making a ghost of certain chacters like milne or any character with custom projectiles and it will break the standing sprite
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From my testing in Single Player, this seems to be alright, but I cannot vouch for multiplayer. I'll let it into releases for now.
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