Sonic Speedrun Tutorials (Vanilla)

Sonic Speedrun Tutorials (Vanilla)

This tutorial series aims to show people the fastest routes in the vanilla SRB2 levels as Sonic. There are also slower but safer routes shown to try and accomodate for most skill levels.

Whether you are trying to simply snag a time emblem you are having trouble with or want to see how far you can get in the leaderboards, this playlist will help out!

To get an idea of how the tutorials go, here is the Greenflower 1 tutorial.

And here is the rest of the playlist.

The tutorial series isn't finished yet and I am still working on guides for more levels.
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The fact is I kinda learned speedrunning on my own, but I mostly improved my Sonic speedruns by watching your vids, they really helped me out(Still trying to get that 1:01 in THZ tho).
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I'm not a speedrunner in general myself, but this might be useful for those starting with SRB2 speedrunning or even get the time emblems on certain maps!
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It's pretty unusual to approve a guide that is almost entirely offsite, but due to the nature of being a video guide, that's a given. I strongly suggest you embed the first video of the playlist, at least. Otherwise, excellent guide on speedrunning!
Thanks! Just embedded the first tutorial.
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