Sinos' Weird Grand Prix

Sinos' Weird Grand Prix v3.1.1

Sunset Hill Zone SHOULD work now.
Reslotted Emerald Coast from XI to WP as to not conflict ChronoShift
The New Stuff

Emerald Coast

Sunset Hill

Replacing Aerial Factory.

Remade Aquatic Ruins

Updated Tinted Caverns

New layout for Soda Beach

Updated Springin' Dirt Rally

Mobjscaled Ruined Castlegrounds, Ice Cap, Ivory Caves and Mushroom Top Swamp to be a little bigger.
Changed the sfx of the rings to something nicer on the ears.

As the title said this is the last major update as no more maps will be made only fixes.

I hope you enjoy!


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Added DS Delfino Square

Made the S-turn sign more obvious in Tinted Caverns

Fixed a starpost sector in Frozen Mountain
Added encore palettes for all maps

Added Ruined Castlegrounds

Square Stadium has been replaced with Springin' Dirt Rally

Void Station has been replaced with Sunshine Meadows

Fixed things across all maps
Fixed a invisible wall in Ice Cap Zone. (Hopefully)
Added Ice Cap Zone

Added Ivory Caves Zone

Added Aquatic Ruin Zone

Replaced Egg Volcano with Jungle zone

Added Bridge Zone

Remade Mushroom Top Swamp
While im still working on redesigning Egg Volcano and Mushroom Top Swamp, I wanted to make other tracks at least a little better.
(At least I hope it helps...)


Aerial Factory:
Added signs to help with readability.
Banked a turn.
Added wind to the drop at the start to help with playability on hard speed.

Soda Beach:
Added signs to help with readability.
Banked a turn.
Added wind to help with playability on hard speed.

Tinted Caverns:
Added a sign to help signal the S-turn.