[Reusable] PAIN v2.1.2

-very slightly optimized the Lua
-remembered to replace invulnerability monitors with 1k point monitors in ultimate mode
-made golden force shield monitors outside of DSZ2 get replaced with 1k point monitors in ultimate mode, not that it's applicable to PAIN
-made entering DSZ3 not overwrite all pre-existing shields(which you should only have if you're a character mod that keeps shields between levels) with a force shield
-replaced the new force shield in CEZ1 with a pity shield
-stuck some more cacti in the southern oily cactus hazard in ACZ2
-made BCZ1 be much more PAINful than before, making the level finally be worthy of its 10/10 measurement on the PAIN-o-Meter
-remembered to replace the extra life monitors in BCZ1 & BCZ2 with 10k point monitors
-made 1up monitors get replaced with 10k point monitors in ultimate mode, giving you some kind of vain reason to pop them
-very slightly optimized the Lua
-prevented the player from getting more than 7 extra lives(than you start the level with) in singleplayer in GFZ1, GFZ2, THZ1, & THZ2, not counting score lives that come from the intermission; now you can't just have 99 lives going into THZ3 by grabbing 2 lives, hitting retry, and repeating the process as necessary
-made the golden force shield monitor after the goalpost in DSZ2 be removed outright in ultimate mode instead of getting replaced with a 1k point monitor
-took an armageddon shield monitor from CEZ1 that could easily be used to get 3 extra lives(and then you could hit retry and do it repeatedly for 99 lives), and replaced it with a force shield monitor
-replaced the new magnet shield in CEZ2 with a pity shield in case not having it would throw people off after going back to vanilla after getting too used to PAIN for some reason

hopefully, I won't have sufficient reason to perform many more updates within the next few weeks; this is an entire level pack, however, and those tend to have alotta room for polishing after those come out
-hopefully fixed a bug that allowed android players to mash out of pterabytes
-removed an unnecessary fraction of a kilobyte from the mod's uncompressed filesize
-replaced the infinite continues after winning with infinite lives after winning
-remembered to replace the space in the bosses-only filename with an underscore
-added a short explanatory cutscene before GFZ1
-fixed the facing of 2 red buzzes in the knuckles path in THZ1, and removed an ineffective pterabyte from later in that path
-stuck a crawla commando in THZ3 because I felt like it
-made players spawn with a force shield in DSZ3(he's only supposed to register at 4/10 on the PAIN-o-Meter, after all), and put a golden force shield monitor next to the goalpost in DSZ2; of course, both of these don't apply to ultimate mode
-removed the closed gate to the right of the start of CEZ2 and stuck an attraction shield and some enemies in it
-removed a pack of 3 ineffective pterabytes from CEZ2, next to a starpost on the right side of the map before the big bridge
-loosened the time emblem requirement for the new level, and fixed the emblem's color
-added many environmental hazards to ACZ2 and polished it in various ways to make the level finally deserve its 7/10 spot on the PAIN-o-Meter; it's still easier than RVZ
-gave fang(boss) an extra 4 hit points to make sure that he's deserving of his 7/10 spot on the PAIN-o-Meter; this is also still easier than RVZ
-loosened the time requirement for the ring record attack emblem for ACZ3 according to said hit point increase
-polished some stuff in RVZ to get rid of cheesing methods, and made the first rollout rock section harder
I removed cheese in the right path in the start of RVZ, wherein you could simply jump around most of the firebars to get to the rising/sinking platforms, by putting lavafalls on the sides.
I also added more pterabytes between said platforms since it felt too easy for its designation on the PAIN-o-Meter, and removed nearby redundant Hive Elementals and the platforms that I made for them.

The bosses-only version of PAIN is unchanged, and doesn't need to be re-downloaded.
I removed some easy cheese that I just found from the very start of RVZ, which involved just jumping to the left with a slope jump to just avoid most of the firebars altogether.
The bosses-only version of PAIN is still the same, however.
-moved the hive elemental in the big pipe jump section in THZ1 to a more obvious location so that it won't catch the player off-guard so easily

-replaced the regular vertical crusher after the right turn in the waterslide at the end of DSZ2 with a moving non-retracting spike hazard, and replaced the nearby invulnerability monitor with a 10k point monitor

-replaced the force shield at the start of CEZ1 with a 1k point monitor, making the spikes next to the adjacent springs matter some

-raised the lower pterabytes in CEZ3 by 4 fracunits to make extra sure that they don't grabble anyone who isn't jumping

-removed the blockmap & reject table from ACZ3, causing your client to create them upon level load, and saving ~68kb of pre-compressed filesize; I'd thought that adding them might've fixed the mac-related bug with ACZ3, but it apparently hadn't

-remembered to give the lava in the new level the ripple effect

-put 2 individual bees at the start of BCZ2 at the corners behind metal sonic so that the bees coming from the ceiling are less likely to catch the player off-guard at first

-aligned the corner textures in BCZ2's elevator

-changed the starting cutscene a bit to more clearly explain that added environmental hazards are sparse until later levels
I took some feedback about PAIN to heart, specifically concerning a lack of variety with the earlygame environmental hazards and an abundance of rock spawners in ACZ, and I changed PAIN accordingly where I could afford to, as described below
and I did a bunch of other stuff too

-moved the doors and goalpost chambers in the multiplayer boss reset chambers to where the spring custom maces are facing, making the existence of the goalpost more obvious once the door opens
-remembered to replace the golden whirlwind shield monitors in CEZ1 & ACZ2, and the golden elemental shield monitor in DSZ1, with 1k score monitors in ultimate mode
-made the titlemap's LSI thinner

-replaced the polyobject crusher in THZ1 that's invisible in software mode for some reason with a wave of vertical crushers; I would've used a turret instead, but its' range is something like half as long as I want it to be
-replaced the 3 crushers after the first set of starposts in THZ1 with a turret
-fixed a few textures in THZ1
-replaced the polyobject crusher in THZ2 that's almost invisible in software mode for some reason with a wave of vertical crushers, and earlier in the level, such that there's an environmental hazard between the start of the level and the starpost after the left turn after the goop jump
-made the crusher after said formerly-existing polyobject crusher somewhat easier, divided it into sections, and made half of them start at the top, and the other half start at the bottom
-removed the one crawla commando from THZ2; I'd forgotten to delete it before releasing PAIN
-replaced the crusher next to said crawla commando, which was after the deton hallway, with a wave of crushers that requires you to go from left to right as you run past it if you're amy or fang
-added a spike hazard to the elevator before the elevator shaft leading to the goalpost

-re-located 2 hive elementals in DSZ1 that were too close to a bunch of big floating mines, a pterabyte, and a crusher, and deleted said pterabyte
-re-designed the series of 5 crushers next to said enemies
-re-designed the crusher at the bottom of the pit in DSZ1 with the amy emblem at the top to be divided into 4 sections of haphazard heights and have spikes at the bottom as well as the top
-re-designed the 2 crushers before the end of the right(end's right) path in DSZ1 to be varied from other crushers in a way that I'm not sure how to describe
-re-designed many environmental hazards in DSZ2 to be more varied than before; I wish I could've afforded to effectively use more glaregoyles than I had
-corrected the facing of a few glaregoyles in a part of DSZ2
-corrected the facing of the spikes on the first part of the amy/fang waterslide

-moved a hive elemental in CEZ1 that was stuck behind a block enemies linedef that was placed in vanilla
-replaced the pyre flies in CEZ1 with an environmental hazard; it took me far too long to figure out how to effectively place that one... there ain't anymore pyre flies in CEZ now
-replaced a slow and easy-to-dodge mace hazard halfway through CEZ1 with 3 maces that spin in a cone
-added a mace hazard before the collapsing floor leading to the first starpost in the upper path at the start of CEZ2, and aligned a nearby sidedef
-replaced the egg guards under the bridge before the 1st starpost in CEZ2 with maces that swing in cones
-replaced 3 slow swinging maces in CEZ2 after the starpost after the far left path from the first starpost with maces that swing in cones, and corrected the lengths of the lower 2 maces

-covered up a sequence-break that I missed in ACZ1 with an avoidable environmental hazard
-replaced 2 rock spawner hazards in ACZ1 with diagonal blue spring hazards
-replaced 2 rock spawner hazards in ACZ2 with diagonal blue spring hazards
-replaced the 3 TNT barrels in the new path in ACZ2 with something that's re-usable and otherwise serves the same purpose; golden eggman monitors

-replaced the spikes on top of the zoom tube exit leading to the first 2D section in ERZ1 and placed a chain of 3 springs there to prevent the player from recklessly rushing forwards into the custom maces in the section before realizing that they're there, and aligned a few textures near that zoom tube's entrance
-added a green translucent block in front of the first door in ERZ2 with a single bee in front of it to attempt to illustrate to the player that the green stuff doesn't do anything to you, allowing you to run past them without worry when you're in a hurry in the left path

-replaced the new red springs to make the speedrun skip in BCZ1 harder with blue springs, which will cost the player more frames if the player messes up
-removed the first 3 pyre flies from the shortcut in BCZ1 with the super sneakers in it; if you can really handle super sneakers in that level, then you deserve the timesave
-decided to make BCZ2 be less PAINful by making the spikes, instead of retracting in a singular wave, retract in 2 slower waves of opposing directions, and by greatly reducing the number of bees that fly in from up the elevator shaft
-gave BCZ2 a new LSI to match the new spike arrangement
-changed the subtitles for BCZ2 & BCZ3
-added a new .gif in the mod overview of BCZ2
I wrote alotta stuff in the mod's Overview about PAIN's usage of environmental hazards and related things, and put it all in spoilers. This doesn't come with a new version.
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-corrected the position of a slightly-misplaced zoom tube waypoint for a polyobject in ERZ2
-re-aligned the textures of the pillar right before the last goalpost in CEZ1
-greatly reduced the number of bees in DSZ3; the level is only supposed to register at a 4/10 on the PAIN-o-Meter
-remembered to not turn gargoyle switches(or at least the ones I remembered) in DSZ2 into glaregoyle switches
-replaced 2 unfair glaregoyles in DSZ2 after the switch door behind the switch door after the first waterslide with gargoyles, which won't have fired cursed fire at you that reaches you only frames after you open the door leading to them
-remembered to implement the presumed post-2.2.8 changes of making a bunch of sectors in DSZ1 not be non-ramp sectors