[Reusable] PAIN v2.0.13

-lowered the duration of pain invulnerability from its default duration of 3 seconds to 1 second
-shortened the GFZ1 cutscene
-moved a misplaced spike in GFZ2
-added extra spikes to the 2 environmental hazards near the blue switch door near the end of DSZ1, and moved other spikes of theirs, to prevent sonic from cheesing it as easily
-slightly moved the spikes after the switch door in DSZ2 to prevent players from cheesing the hazard
-rotated a glaregoyle in a part of DSZ2 that I'd rather not go through the trouble of describing
-replaced a somewhat-unfair environmental hazard in CEZ1 next to the suspicious lance-a-bot statue that's next to the emblem behind the eggman flag with a different environmental hazard
-removed cheese in a hard-to-describe place near the start of CEZ1
-removed the 1st pack of pterabytes in the second-last section of CEZ1; their existence was unnecessary
-made it harder, but not nearly impossible, to bounce off of the running shoes near the start of CEZ2 by putting spikes around it
-moved around some anti-cheese spikes in CEZ2 in the furthest path from the 1st starpost, making a speedrun skip be possible, though quite difficult to pull off
-properly put the correct version of ACZ1 in this mod; a version from a few patches back was in this mod, by mistake
-fixed minor visual errors at the start of ACZ2; this involved moving the oil barrel a bit
-put springs over cheesable terrain that allowed you to skip the slope jump over the cacti barrier at the start of ACZ2, to prevent the jump from being cheesed
-fixed the shape of the warped rock near the running shoes above the oily slopes in ACZ2
-removed a badly-placed minus near said rock
-placed springs & spikes near said rock to make cheese involving a spindash jump from the nearby lower path to the upper path be more difficult
-removed 3 clustered packs of unnecessary pterabytes elsewhere in ACZ2
-made the very beginning of RVZ be harder to cheese, if at all possible
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-fixed force shields not being properly applied to all players at the start of DSZ3... for real this time(I tested it with 5 people!)

-removed a vanilla hazard from CEZ2 that got removed in 2.2.10 so that players don't get thrown off by it being there; it wasn't so easily visible anyway

-made the sequence-break after the oiled slopes after the 1st starpost in ACZ2 where the force shield on the high plank is in vanilla be much harder to pull off, and so, no longer qualify as cheese

-remembered to update the version number displayed in the title screen
-made the first 2 crushers in THZ1 be a bit slower and be divided in 2 halves crushing in opposing cycles to improve flow
-split the one plain vertical floor crusher in DSZ2 in half, like the above-mentioned THZ1 crushers, to improve flow
-fixed the bug that makes only 1 player spawn with a force shield in DSZ3 in multiplayer outside of ultimate mode
-corrected the height of a pack of 2 pterabytes flying over a death pit right after the part of ACZ1 where you jump over a proximity TNT shell and get walled off if you don't go past it unless you can break the spikes in the way or however
-replaced the environmental hazards of 200+ floor spikes before the last starpost in ACZ1 with some cacti & springs right before the starposts, giving you more time to react to the hazard appropriately without foreknowledge of them
-replaced the skippable hangrail rock spawner environmental hazard after the last starpost in ACZ1 with one that isn't exactly skippable
-added a few blue springs to make it hard, but not impossible, for sonic to spindash to the left of the knuckles/metal sonic spiked slope at the end of ACZ1 to go up and past it

on a different note, IN THE DISTANT FUTURE, I'm probably gonna re-design what I've got for PAIN so far, that is, maps 1-27; see the discussion thread for more information
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-fixed the broken polyobject in THZ1 after the 1st upper starpost... for real this time
-fixed a typo in an emblem hint in DSZ1; this typo exists in vanilla
-made phase 2 of CEZ3 harder, and changed its LSI
-made metal sonic not be able to cheese ACZ3 as hard as he could before
added spikes to the sides of the train car that you fight the boss in in ACZ3 after it blows up; this'll prevent most characters from using the block enemies linedef that the spikes are bordering to cheese the level... unfortunately, amy, fang, and if you're smart, metal sonic, have ways to deal with this, though amy & fang will have a plenty hard time with ACZ3 anyway, at least

added a starting cutscene to DSZ1 to explain how to slow down on waterslides
-made the starting informational cutscene shorter
-made the 2nd informational cutscene very slightly shorter
-re-added the accidentally-deleted polyobject platform after the upper 1st starpost in THZ1
-made the spikes that fall below their elevators after the player dies in GFZ2 & THZ2 stay on their elevator
-removed the unfair ghosts in the failure waterslide in DSZ2 before the big waterslide section
-replaced the spikes near the elemental shield at the start of CEZ2 with springs, like in vanilla, so that it doesn't catch players off-guard
-removed some unfair minuses in ACZ1 that caught the player off-guard after the TNT-block-off section and aligned a nearby flat
-re-added the BASH at the very end of ACZ1, and put the nearby minus back in its vanilla location
-added a very short informational cutscene right before ACZ3 to prevent the player from being caught too off-guard their 1st time in ACZ3
-very slightly optimized the Lua
-remembered to replace invulnerability monitors with 1k point monitors in ultimate mode
-made golden force shield monitors outside of DSZ2 get replaced with 1k point monitors in ultimate mode, not that it's applicable to PAIN
-made entering DSZ3 not overwrite all pre-existing shields(which you should only have if you're a character mod that keeps shields between levels) with a force shield
-replaced the new force shield in CEZ1 with a pity shield
-stuck some more cacti in the southern oily cactus hazard in ACZ2
-made BCZ1 be much more PAINful than before, making the level finally be worthy of its 10/10 measurement on the PAIN-o-Meter
-remembered to replace the extra life monitors in BCZ1 & BCZ2 with 10k point monitors
-made 1up monitors get replaced with 10k point monitors in ultimate mode, giving you some kind of vain reason to pop them
-very slightly optimized the Lua
-prevented the player from getting more than 7 extra lives(than you start the level with) in singleplayer in GFZ1, GFZ2, THZ1, & THZ2, not counting score lives that come from the intermission; now you can't just have 99 lives going into THZ3 by grabbing 2 lives, hitting retry, and repeating the process as necessary
-made the golden force shield monitor after the goalpost in DSZ2 be removed outright in ultimate mode instead of getting replaced with a 1k point monitor
-took an armageddon shield monitor from CEZ1 that could easily be used to get 3 extra lives(and then you could hit retry and do it repeatedly for 99 lives), and replaced it with a force shield monitor
-replaced the new magnet shield in CEZ2 with a pity shield in case not having it would throw people off after going back to vanilla after getting too used to PAIN for some reason

hopefully, I won't have sufficient reason to perform many more updates within the next few weeks; this is an entire level pack, however, and those tend to have alotta room for polishing after those come out
-hopefully fixed a bug that allowed android players to mash out of pterabytes
-removed an unnecessary fraction of a kilobyte from the mod's uncompressed filesize
-replaced the infinite continues after winning with infinite lives after winning
-remembered to replace the space in the bosses-only filename with an underscore
-added a short explanatory cutscene before GFZ1
-fixed the facing of 2 red buzzes in the knuckles path in THZ1, and removed an ineffective pterabyte from later in that path
-stuck a crawla commando in THZ3 because I felt like it
-made players spawn with a force shield in DSZ3(he's only supposed to register at 4/10 on the PAIN-o-Meter, after all), and put a golden force shield monitor next to the goalpost in DSZ2; of course, both of these don't apply to ultimate mode
-removed the closed gate to the right of the start of CEZ2 and stuck an attraction shield and some enemies in it
-removed a pack of 3 ineffective pterabytes from CEZ2, next to a starpost on the right side of the map before the big bridge
-loosened the time emblem requirement for the new level, and fixed the emblem's color
-added many environmental hazards to ACZ2 and polished it in various ways to make the level finally deserve its 7/10 spot on the PAIN-o-Meter; it's still easier than RVZ
-gave fang(boss) an extra 4 hit points to make sure that he's deserving of his 7/10 spot on the PAIN-o-Meter; this is also still easier than RVZ
-loosened the time requirement for the ring record attack emblem for ACZ3 according to said hit point increase
-polished some stuff in RVZ to get rid of cheesing methods, and made the first rollout rock section harder