[Open Assets] PAIN v2.1.4

-fixed the new bug in SS2 where you instantly died upon loading the map as player 1; as it'd turned out, I'd accidently added a 2nd player 1 start to the stage outside of the map!
-made the electric floors in ACZ3, BCZ3, & SS2 no longer appear to be cyan in software mode
-made there be less bees in BCZ2; you'll still have to worry plenty about them
-fixed the exploit where knuckles could make bees stop spawning in BCZ2
-replaced the spikes in BCZ2 with lasers; metal sonic won't randomly get hurt anymore
-raised BCZ2's PAIN-o-Meter designation to what it deserves to be at
-changed BCZ3's subtitle
-made the laser de-synchs in BCZ3 be far, far less likely to occur
-fixed the special stage bug where players randomly died at the start in mutliplayer
-fixed the cutscene bug in the special-stages-only version of PAIN
-re-textured the multiplayer boss reset chambers
-aligned the texture in GFZ2 next to the recently-changed slope
-fixed the bug where bombs won't fall anywhere for the first 10 sec in... apparently, changing the starting phase of a custom mace can bug out a disappearing FoF to apply to the entire map and disappear at a different time
-made BCZ3 harder, to be more deserving of its PAIN-o-Meter designation
thanks to Othius for helping me some with linedef executors in BCZ3
-lowered the water level in SS3; it's still substantially higher than in the vanilla version of the level
-increased SS3's Special PAIN-o-Meter designation to 7/10 to more accurately reflect how PAINful it is
the bosses-only version has NOT been updated, so you won't have to re-download that one
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-marginally optimized the Lua
-fixed the bug where you could get infinite time in special stages if you got hurt when you were almost out of time
-added a row of wall spikes in CEZ2 in a place near the end where vanilla maces were spinning near the edge of a wall
-added a pack of 6 pterabytes near the end of CEZ2 where players could jump around vanilla maces
-made the rings at the start of ACZ1 respawn in multiplayer
-turned one of ACZ1's green snappers back into what it was in vanilla, a minus
-placed more rock spawners after the last starpost in ACZ1, above hangrails
-removed the armed cactus near the start of ACZ2 that prevented you from rolling onto a red spring to go up a slope
-put environmental hazards over a hard-to-describe sequence-break in ACZ2
-placed an extra oil barrel after the 1st bridge in ACZ2
-removed the unfair red lasers at the end of ERZ1's laser puzzle section
-in ERZ1's winding death pit hallways lined by lasers, replaced the red lasers lining the walls with purple lasers, making the moving red laser pillars be more easily visible
-made the ultimate mode special stage .lua file work in NiGHTS stages... not that PAIN has any NiGHTS stages, but you could add mods with it that do
the bosses-only version is still at v2.2.1, so you don't have to re-download that one
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-fixed the typo in the GFZ1 starting cutscene
-changed the level headers for the vanilla lvls to make them not appear in record attack if you manage to somehow reach them in regular singleplayer
-marginally optimized a .lua file
-added the puma particle effects back to the bosses-only version
-replaced a tiny vanilla single stair in GFZ2 after the upper last starpost, from an old version of SRB2, with a slope, like in the latest version of SRB2
-replaced the 3 instakill lasers at the very end of ERZ2 with intangible & translucent FoFs so that you won't get the in-this-case-beneficial laser bug where it hurts you(and knocks you back) instead of instakilling you
-remembered to swap 2 FoF floor textures in SS7 for new textures since lasers are coming out from under them
changes from the previous version:

-gave the multiplayer special stages the PAIN treatment, and dictated that they be played in place of the NiGHTS special stages in singleplayer
-revised the unlockables again; part of this was cutting out the bonus, challenge, and NiGHTS stages, which may still be accessed in multiplayer... you'll get the bonus & challenge stages back in singleplayer in a much later patch, and with the PAIN treatment
-partially because I revised the unlockables, the mod will use a new save file
-fixed the ultimate mode continues bug
-removed the scenery objects constantly spawned by pumas, lavafalls, firebars, and golden monitors, making stages that contain these cause less FPS lag, and notably causing RVZ to be semi-playable in multiplayer, and enabling SS6 to be playable in the first place
-re-named GBJ to Game Over Zone; not enough people got the reference
-changed the starting cutscene a bit
-fixed a misaligned texture in GFZ1
-changed GFZ2's subtitle
-properly updated THZ1 to its intended version... for real this time
-gave the THZ3 boss an extra 4 hp to make THZ3 be more deserving of its 3/10 designation on the PAIN-o-Meter
-fixed the visually-glitchy fence segment at the start of CEZ1, which is a vanilla bug
-turned some spikes near the start of the furthest path from the 1st starpost in CEZ2 into retracting spikes to make a vanilla speedrun skip be possible, and removed the unnecessary spikes right before them
-raised the alcove in CEZ2's library where the elemental shield is so that the maces don't clip into the platform; sonic can still reach it normally... that's a vanilla bug, fyi
-re-added a vanilla minus missing from ACZ1, near the 1st whirlwind shield
-slightly moved a mis-placed rock spawner at the start of ACZ2, and placed an armed cactus near it to prevent players from skipping the nearby rock spawners
-placed tall barrel cacti near the starpost in ACZ2 above the starting room to make a sequence break harder
-aligned a few textures at the end of ACZ2
-changed the starting positions for ACZ3, and removed the level's informational starting cutscene
-unbuffed fang's hp, making him more deserving of his 7/10 designation on the PAIN-o-Meter
-fixed the bug where players randomly crash when loading ACZ3 by replacing the pointies with a damaging floor; fang apparently just doesn't get hurt by it
-removed the green snappers from ACZ3
-removed the 2 unfair pterabytes at the end of the "outdoor" crumbling floor path in RVZ
-changed a few textures around the 1st gravflip section in ERZ1 so that the spikes on those walls are easier to see the 1st time, deleted 108 unnecessary spikes on those walls, and removed the unnecessary hive elemental at the start of ERZ1's right path
-aligned some textures at the end of the right path in ERZ1
-put diagonal springs on top of the moving pillars in the laser puzzle section in ERZ1's left path so you can't jump over them so easily
-removed the 2 unfair hive elementals in the spiral staircase section in ERZ1
-fixed the bug where players randomly crash when loading ERZ2 by replacing the anti-softlock pointies for Flame the Dragon with wall spikes
-hopefully fixed a bug where the ERZ3 boss would take dmg at the start of the level if he first surfaced in a specific location
-lowered the duration of pain invulnerability from its default duration of 3 seconds to 1 second
-shortened the GFZ1 cutscene
-moved a misplaced spike in GFZ2
-added extra spikes to the 2 environmental hazards near the blue switch door near the end of DSZ1, and moved other spikes of theirs, to prevent sonic from cheesing it as easily
-slightly moved the spikes after the switch door in DSZ2 to prevent players from cheesing the hazard
-rotated a glaregoyle in a part of DSZ2 that I'd rather not go through the trouble of describing
-replaced a somewhat-unfair environmental hazard in CEZ1 next to the suspicious lance-a-bot statue that's next to the emblem behind the eggman flag with a different environmental hazard
-removed cheese in a hard-to-describe place near the start of CEZ1
-removed the 1st pack of pterabytes in the second-last section of CEZ1; their existence was unnecessary
-made it harder, but not nearly impossible, to bounce off of the running shoes near the start of CEZ2 by putting spikes around it
-moved around some anti-cheese spikes in CEZ2 in the furthest path from the 1st starpost, making a speedrun skip be possible, though quite difficult to pull off
-properly put the correct version of ACZ1 in this mod; a version from a few patches back was in this mod, by mistake
-fixed minor visual errors at the start of ACZ2; this involved moving the oil barrel a bit
-put springs over cheesable terrain that allowed you to skip the slope jump over the cacti barrier at the start of ACZ2, to prevent the jump from being cheesed
-fixed the shape of the warped rock near the running shoes above the oily slopes in ACZ2
-removed a badly-placed minus near said rock
-placed springs & spikes near said rock to make cheese involving a spindash jump from the nearby lower path to the upper path be more difficult
-removed 3 clustered packs of unnecessary pterabytes elsewhere in ACZ2
-made the very beginning of RVZ be harder to cheese, if at all possible
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-fixed force shields not being properly applied to all players at the start of DSZ3... for real this time(I tested it with 5 people!)

-removed a vanilla hazard from CEZ2 that got removed in 2.2.10 so that players don't get thrown off by it being there; it wasn't so easily visible anyway

-made the sequence-break after the oiled slopes after the 1st starpost in ACZ2 where the force shield on the high plank is in vanilla be much harder to pull off, and so, no longer qualify as cheese

-remembered to update the version number displayed in the title screen
-made the first 2 crushers in THZ1 be a bit slower and be divided in 2 halves crushing in opposing cycles to improve flow
-split the one plain vertical floor crusher in DSZ2 in half, like the above-mentioned THZ1 crushers, to improve flow
-fixed the bug that makes only 1 player spawn with a force shield in DSZ3 in multiplayer outside of ultimate mode
-corrected the height of a pack of 2 pterabytes flying over a death pit right after the part of ACZ1 where you jump over a proximity TNT shell and get walled off if you don't go past it unless you can break the spikes in the way or however
-replaced the environmental hazards of 200+ floor spikes before the last starpost in ACZ1 with some cacti & springs right before the starposts, giving you more time to react to the hazard appropriately without foreknowledge of them
-replaced the skippable hangrail rock spawner environmental hazard after the last starpost in ACZ1 with one that isn't exactly skippable
-added a few blue springs to make it hard, but not impossible, for sonic to spindash to the left of the knuckles/metal sonic spiked slope at the end of ACZ1 to go up and past it

on a different note, IN THE DISTANT FUTURE, I'm probably gonna re-design what I've got for PAIN so far, that is, maps 1-27; see the discussion thread for more information
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