Mattioz Pack - V1.4.2 - Emerald Hill Small Tweaks

Mattioz Pack - V1.4.2 - Emerald Hill Small Tweaks 1.4.2

Just add a appropriate signage to that split path with the red springs on the left.
Renamed the texture to avoid conflicts with Ivo Industries GHZ.
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Yes folks, Emerald Hill got a new revamped layout:

Also got a little tweaks at Turquoise Hill.
In this update, i bring to you Spring Yard Zone! with a lots of COPE,CPU and MORE.

Metropolis has now only 2 maps, some changes to layout to be more dynamic and now with a better music.
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Layout changes to Metropolis and Turquoise Hill, also a graphical revamp to Advanced Emerald Hill.
bad slope vertex thing inside the terrain, thats now fixed. 100%
can't figure out the problem, so will be deleted from the pack.
Turquoise Hill with the Tree Gimmick from Sonic Chaos Remake, the Gimmick made by Lighto.

Now Advanced Emerald Hill supports Encore with a brand new music (I'm pretty sure i fixed the Sync Fail)

Slowed the Flash Lights in Chemical Plant for photosensitive people <3
unfortunately, after the problems with springs on emerald hill, I had to remove them and replace them with spring panels.
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Removed V2 Springs due to FailureSync in Emerald Hill, and also made some changes to Metropolis Zone using MOBJSCALE, changed the start line in Chemical Plant Zone


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Just a fix to the Chemical Plant checkpoints that were skipping 1 number from the middle of the map.