Mattioz Pack - V1.3.9 - New Layout Metropolis, Graphical Remaster to Advanced Emerald Hill

Mattioz Pack - V1.3.9 - New Layout Metropolis, Graphical Remaster to Advanced Emerald Hill 1.3.9

Generally, this map pack is pretty ok. The layouts are pretty safe but they have their problems which I'll get into.

Genocide City: This map I have problems with the most. The paraglider sections are not good at all. Both sections are just simple straights that could have just been road and the landings are extremely rough. The 1st section does attempt to give a bit of landing room but it's very short and immediately followed up with a hairpin turn. The 2nd section is basically a right angle turn with no landing room. In fact, it's so not safe to land there that it's way easier and faster to just skip the intended landing area and glide to the next section. The shortcut also has enemies that can be abused to damage boost through the offroad far enough to hit the speed panel and take the cut without a shoe in vanilla behavior. And finally, the last item box row is right at the end of the track and obscures the turn enough to mess people up, even with the accompanying signage.

Chemical Plant: This is my favorite map out of the pack. I like the sliptiding sections the most. The zipper placements on this map are weird. I'm not sure what their purpose is outside of being used for recovery. The shoe cut at the Mega Mack (underwater) section can still be brute force'd despite being glued due to the speed panel. All you need is a well timed red spark.

Advanced Emerald Hill: This map is pretty decent. I don't have too many complaints outside of the shortcut being able to be brute force'd due to the speed panel (hmm this seems to be a pattern) and the last item box row being even closer to the finish line than the one in Genocide City and therefore not even being able to be used considering you're barely able to mash an item out in that time. Once again, love the sliptides.

Metropolis: This is my 2nd least favorite map. I question the decision to put an invincibility cut that saves about a second or so at the very beginning of the map where no one can roll invincibility at the start of the race. Right after that section is the most confusing speed panel into spring panel I've ever seen. They're so small, how is one expected to take it somewhat consistently? The shoe shortcut can't be easily brute force'd this time, even with the speed panels inside but I don't like how it spits you out facing a wall. And finally, the paraglider section at the end feels completely tacked on with barely any thought. Once again, it's just a straight that could have been a ramp of some sort. You can't even utilize the paraglider to its fullest existent by flying over the rails because of impassable linedefs.

Will probably follow up with some more bonus problems and slight nitpicks in discussion in the future.
After this last update I will start redoing the layouts of my older maps, considering that I already have more experience than before, I hope that soon, my pack will get more and more quality to satisfy the community.
Your review will be taken into account, thank you very much.
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