Mattioz Pack - V1.3.7 - New Map Turquoise Hill and Encore Support

Mattioz Pack - V1.3.7 - New Map Turquoise Hill and Encore Support 1.3.8B

bad slope vertex thing inside the terrain, thats now fixed. 100%
can't figure out the problem, so will be deleted from the pack.
Turquoise Hill with the Tree Gimmick from Sonic Chaos Remake, the Gimmick made by Lighto.

Now Advanced Emerald Hill supports Encore with a brand new music (I'm pretty sure i fixed the Sync Fail)

Slowed the Flash Lights in Chemical Plant for photosensitive people <3
unfortunately, after the problems with springs on emerald hill, I had to remove them and replace them with spring panels.
Removed V2 Springs due to FailureSync in Emerald Hill, and also made some changes to Metropolis Zone using MOBJSCALE, changed the start line in Chemical Plant Zone


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Just a fix to the Chemical Plant checkpoints that were skipping 1 number from the middle of the map.
A Brand new Map, Chemical Plant Zone!

Better be carefull with the green liquid in the road!


And of course, i fixed the problem with Genocide City Zone in Software Mode.
As we all know the Mattioz Pack has been having object conflicts with the Joker Pack, keeping that in mind I took the time to resolve this conflict and bring a new map to the Mattioz Pack.

I also changed the decor of the Metropolis Zone and among other minor things.

That's all!
Genocide City Zone was add to the Pack!
Now the crabs from Metropolis Zone moves!
Fixed the finish line bug
Minor fixes to the minimap from Metropolis Zone!​
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Now the crabs are actually real enemies, so be careful!


Added an extra boost because the shortcut gave a lot of advantage over those who didn't take it.

Revamped the graphics from lava, and removed the fog from the sky box for improve the FPS to low-end PC's.