[Open Assets] HugeQuest Queenie

More bugfixes and some interop changes, thanks to DarkyBenji.

- No more warning messages when SPB is chasing the player
- Fastlines no longer change color when hq_mtstore is disabled

- Grow+'s speed boost is a global var (growplus.speedmod), allowing other mods to reference/adjust this value as necessary.
- Fixed Jawz colorizing logic to allow other mods to colorize it
- Fixed bug where Offroad-Immune Grow+ duration didn't stack with repeated use.
A few bugfixes:

- Being hit by a Grow+ attack item no longer puts you in indefinite spinout
- Fastline logic now functions as intended; no more console warnings!
- Proper check for Acroba(s/t)ics and Boost handling

New command:

'hq_skittles' (default Off): Forces vanilla rainbow Invincibility effects if hq_sparkle is enabled. If Off, Invincibility effects are a white sparkle trail with the character flashing white, a nod to classic Sonic invincibility effects.