Gabriel's Unlabeled Modelpack.

Gabriel's Unlabeled Modelpack. v1.2.2 -- Second Half

Still working on this update!
Please be patient.

(meta knight model!!!!!!!! will be out at some point)​


(also have this gemma remodel preview in a friend's server lol)

outside of this, i'm probably not even finishing the cosmetics models if im not determined.​
14 Hats out of 19 are done, final half soon!

(keep ignoring the gan models pleas e)

9 out of 19 hats are currently modeled.
the other half will be out soon i promise!
models.dat is in the zip file in the download button.

Please ignore the gans models.
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The awesome rock models for gemma are here.
Check the overview tab for the updated models.dat stuff.
Hey guys, Gemma's here.

it's my first time modeling something isn't a simple object.

I'll do the rock models in a later update of this modelpack.

I honestly have no idea but i can ask this to myself, how did i even do this as a novice modeler?

aside of this, here it is, the first or probably not the first, gemma model to be released in the MB.
all of the poses should be there, so enjoy this model i made.

your null object won't be going anywhere, he's just there for the funny.

UNKN gabmodels/NULL.md3 5.0 0.0
GEMMA gabmodels/GEMMA.md3 2.3 0.0

--added the null texture i made because i was silly.
--gemma's here! yippeeee!!!!!!
that's all, bye bye.