Draft Tracks V3 : Kodachromatic Chills

Draft Tracks V3 : Kodachromatic Chills 3b

Hotfix yet again but this time it was actually a big problem
Fixed an issue in Kodachrome Palace where players would lose orbiting items in certain sections of the map.
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Hotfix update.
Fixed a sector missing the death pit effect in Snowy Speedpeaks.
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- Gap between the road and the second cut is now bridged
Okay so the jump was cool and all, but i often saw people misread it as needing to use the shoe to make the gap instead of using it while in offroad, so now theres a bridge.


- Slight visual tweak at the end of the split path section
The visual language made players assume that the transition between the split path section and the second spiral was a drop and not a downwards slope, this has been changed to avoid confusion.
- (Hopefully) Made some slight optimizations.

- Added Kodachrome Palace
- Added Snowy Speedpeaks
Special thanks to these people for their cool stuff in this update:
- Ashnal
- Floating item spawner
- Shi-Springs script
- Panel Stacking Script
- Mr.Logan
- Shi-Springs Freeslots and States
- ShihoAJoke
- Shi-Springs Spriting
- FaytxStay
- Panel Stacking Animated textures
- Added JugadorXEI's Zipper storage script
it litterally just plays better with than without

- Moved back the third item set a bit
You couldn't get an item before the second cut without mashing, this should allow you to roll an item (without mashing) just before the you enter the cut. I hope you know your item odds.

- Removed the spring sectors at the second cut area in favor of a ramp
Yea turns out using the speed pad to get the cut for free was WAY more practical than i thought. I've removed those in favor of ramps so you cannot take the cut without a shoe anymore. I've also tweaked the turn right before the split path section to lead into it better and make it more interesting.

- Fixed downwards wind completely stopping you if you released your acceleration inside it
Engine quirk, theres also downards wind in the second cut to prevent exploits.

- Added Funky Fortress
Gave House of the Undying some optimizations for software, track should run at least a little better now.
Also added some new decorations, mainly ""paintings"" which were intended for the original release. Content of the ""paintings"" were suggested by those at Bad Milk.
Extremely minor hotfix that fixes an error due to a typo in a custom object SOC. This error doesn't break the map but this shouldn't spit out an error when loading the map.