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Cheeseboi the Circle 1.5 Beta - C H E E S E

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Ok. So this is probably the biggest update Cheeseboi has ever had. So get ready for...

Cheeseboi V1.5!
That Cheese.png
Infinite Jump
That Cheese.png

Cheeseboi is very light, so he can jump infinitely. The height of every jump after the first jump depends on how far Cheeseboi fell before.

That Cheese.png
Rocket Launcher
That Cheese.png

Cheeseboi whips out a launcher and shoots a deadly rocket that explodes on impact!

That Cheese.png
That Cheese.png

Cheeseboi can slide. That's all to it.
Battlemod comaptibility and Xmomentum Support!

Cheeseboi has almost gotten 1500 downloads!
this is surprising.
VERY surprising.
but anyways, thanks so much for the downloads and the criticism! without you guys, cheeseboi would still be a stupid MS paint character that took 20 minutes to make.
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Latest reviews

Wow! this is pretty neat! But remember, take breaks and don’t het stressed.
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Love the new (new) resprites good luck, and just have fun!
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Since 1.5 is worked on, I will rate this. However, the mod won't be my like (if not).

My own rating of: Cheeseboi The Circle v1.4


1. Sprites and CSS Art


The sprites are really bonkey, the don't stand out SRB2's art style. It trys to be better but not sooooo better, and the sprites aren't even atleast that fully finish. He looks like a walking jump down thingy, i mean atleast you try the CSS Art but it seems to be ok i supposed.


2. (Last one) Abilites


If I do say so my self, the ability is not my kind of thing. The ability is just infinite balloon popping, + it stops when you press custom 1. It's still kinda OP/Overpowered however.


3. The Rating


The mod really didn't try it's best to be in the fine rate, but am not going to hard on the mod. So I rather I give only 1 star to the rating, if you wanna atleast know how to code better (to make your addon get 5 stars or whatever star). Then you would have to improve your lua and sprites (however, your working on 1.5 so it could get improved), so try your best to improve it as much as you can.
i know he’s bad right now but 1.5 is going to be a lot better.
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I know this is a first mod attempt, but there is just a LOT of things done wrong here (which is expected from a first mod attempt)

let's start with the sprites:
the sprites are wonky and off on every frame.
the offsets for all of the sprites are weird.
and the sprites are very lazily done, it looks rushed.
and if I'm being honest, it barely tries to look like that character in the CSS art.

and that's not even all that's wrong.
the Overview thread has absolutely nothing.
I recommend screenshots and gifs at the least.

lastly. the abilities.
I appreciate the abilities to at least make the character stand out in terms of gameplay. but these abilities are underwhelming as well.
The Jump ability is just a weaker jump thok.

and the custom ability isn't even an ability in my opinion, it just flings you upwards (infinitely) it's weird. I feel like this character has a lot of opportunities for abilities. The Character design gives it much freedom for like a mix of derp and Kirby

for a first mod, this is decent, but in general. it needs improvement.
I am working on a better custom ability and taking away the old jump ability.
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It’s nice but some sprites go all wonky. (such as when you jump, the falling animation switches between his front and back) if this can be fixed, it’s good for a first mod! :)
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Thought the character would have a good ability but it only works if your fall speed is high enough. Could be interesting if it always boosted you up a certain distance and then got more powerful from there.

Some missing sprites like the 1up on the monitor and all of his super form (he goes back to being super sonic)

Would prefer if he had the sprites shown in the picture as looked more charming than what it's there now (plus sometimes he reverts back like when walking sideways)
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Nice sprites but man why only have one ability? its just a weak verison of the thok but its not bad if its your first mod. i am sure you will improve! :D
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"cheeseboi the badly drawn circle" yeah it all checks out, every single word in the name is True.

i could say the mod is great (i won't), but i will say i do respect the effort to draw the sprites, even if there doesn't seem to be that many of them? like, the hurt sprites are reused a lot more than i'd expect, and the sprites aren't recolourable, no matter what skincolour you pick it'll remain white.

ah well, it's a kind of cute first mod. keep trying and i'm sure you'll make something great.
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