First time I've ever done one of these, but there's a first time for everything. Here's a little Q&A about V6.0.

What is the state of V6.0?

Currently, Act 6 is nearly done, about half way. TDF Hangout has some assets which I might remove before release. Stuff that now when I look back at, I cringe up and want to remove them.

What is new besides Act 6?

Not much other than some new additions to TDF Hangout and TDF Hub, Maybe some more changes and fixes to other maps will come with V6.0.

When will V6.0 be released?

I'm going to try and shoot for an early April release if not earlier. I've been working on another project for a while now, so We'll see how soon V6.0 will release.

If you have any question's regarding TDF, ask them in the discussion tab!
V5.5 has been released!

In the world of TDF, the snow is gone but something appeared out from the water in TDF Hangout. We don't know what it is, but It doesn't look dangerous but It's vulnerable. Let's study it and see what's happening.

- Removed the Snow from TDF Hangout
- Made some changes to TDF Hangout, School, a few acts.

V6.0 is around the corner, and with that brings Act 6! It should be done within a month or two. More lore will be added along with V6.0. Stay tuned...
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Made more changes to the Act's, TDF Hangout and School
V5.3 has been released

- Changed and added some things to TDF Hangout
- Added and changed a few things in TDF School
- Fixed issues
New stuff has been added
- Ice and Snow
- A new area to explore (More will be added to it)
New update has been released. This new update features the following:

New Health System: Act's 1-5 will start everyone with 10 rings, and everytime a Tails Doll damages you, you will lose a ring, but won't be able to pick that rings back up. There's scattered rings around the map's to act as health.

TDF Hangout: Changed and added many new noticeable features to TDF Hangout.
V5.0 has been released. Fixed and changed a few things.
V4.7.2 has been released. Fixed and changed some stuff.
V4.7.1 has been released.

This update fixes many issues I and other people have encountered.
V4.7 has been released with some changes, fixes and additions.

-Added emblems to all 5 acts
-Made many changes to TDF Hangout
-RED Boss fight (Buggy, only because he becomes invincible when hit enough times and doesn't stop his hurt frame)
-Many texture changes in all 4 original Acts