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So first things first: This is my first time voting for an OLDC. Second, I'm sorry if my opinion is equally as bad as people saying that 3² = 6, i'm not that good at arguments or justifying the things i like or dislike, but i'll try to make things fair. Third, if theres any sort of typo then i'm sorry, english is not my main language and i'm trying my best to no make any typos. And fourth, my intention is not to make anyone mad or sad, everyone that participated in the OLDC tried their best (Even if i put you in the bottom of my voting list, you at least improved and that's what matters). Enough of that, here's my opinion on each map.

Singleplayer Division (literally the only one i'm doing):

1)Foliage Furnace Zone by Kwiin & Kanna: I absolutly loved the level! But i still think that Metallic Madness was hella robbed the last time. So to keep things short, almost everything in this level was good: Colorful Textures, good usage of slopes, actually fun to play & explore, the aesthetic of the level and how challenging it is without being bullshit. The only problem i found was that when i first played the level, i didn't know where to go (But once i got the hang of the level, i enjoyed it quite a lot). I have already seen people putting this one at the top of their voting list, and i'm no exception. Bravo. Just. Bravo.

2)Knothole Coast Zone Act 1 by Apollyon: It was either this or Foliage Furnace for first place, i would actually not mind to switch placements between these, but i rather keeping it this way. Anyways, this level although rather easy and simple, is really pretty and i feel a good atmosphere from it. And, since i'm a big fan of the SRB1 Remake demo, it was a shocker seing someone "remaking" Knothole Coast in SRB2. The secret room is the best thing ever. Overall, splendid.

3)Overgrown Heights Zone Act 2 by InferNOr: A rather controversial choice, i heard mixed opinions about this one, so i wasn't so sure if putting this level this high on the list was a good idea. I had to obviously play the level to see if it was actually good or bad. I actually enjoyed it, the best part about this level is the atmosphere (it actually feels like you are deep in a jungle... sorta). But i can see how people don't like this level that much, it's kinda disorientating at times and how difficult it is to move through hazards at times. But i really didn't mind about these problems, a slight improvement from act 1 but still impressive. Good Job. (Last minute note: I am aware that there are places where death is unavoidable, on my first playthrough i have never end up in one of them, but now i know how it feels. The map is still good).

4)Pagoda Park by Rogerregorroger: I will forever and ever love Roger's art, you can see that there's a lot of attention to detail. It was actually kinda challenging, but there's nothing wrong about a little challenge. One thing to note is that the section near the last checkpoint caught me of guard and i end up dying 3 times because i end up in the void. Really fun and well designed level. Keep up the good work.

5)Alabaster Fountain Zone by BronsoKip: When first playing this map, i got Mechanical Garden from Kimokawaiii vibes from it (Yes, i'm aware that Bronsokip also made that level). You can even notice similarities between them. The moving fences kinda just made the level sightly less fun for me, but not too bad and it wasn't too hard to dodge anyways. The tune playing on this level was a banger, i wonder if i could find the track somewhere. Kinda boring level in my first playthrough, but the more i played it, the more i liked it. Good Job.

6)Galactic Facility Zone by Mondongo: I'm gonna have to repeat what i said about Overgrown Heights Act 2, i have heard mixed opinions about this level (mostly negative). Idk if it just me, but i found this level to be really fun. The textures are kinda meh in my opinion, but still much better than i can ever do. I do have a problem with this level: That problem being playing as Amy or Fang in coop, there's a point in the level where you have to press a button to make the room you're in to go zero gravity, the problem comes when the door you came from closes a bit, characters with spin can go through the small gap but not non-spin characters, forcing you to switch characters (I may be blind and do not see a breakable floor nearby, but idk where it is). Outside of that, this level makes good use of gravity (most times), and i like the feeling of being small with zero gravity enabled. Underrated level in my opinion.

7)Emerald Aether Zone by Krabs: The terrain here is rather interesting but fun, and it has a good platforming challenge. But since there's some kind of momentum .lua, i kept falling off when trying to use Sonic's speed thok because of how different it acts. I even lost a bunch of lives at the last ramp because i didn't know that you had to land in the platform and then jump on a spring to reach the goal. Other than that, fantastic work.

8)Shadow of Aztlan Zone by akirahedgehog: This has to be the wackiest level in the entire contest. Custom enemies are always good, but i feel that the design is all over the place but interesting nonetheless. And i find really cool the fact that this is a series of levels, i wonder how the third one will look like and if it will be a lot better than the previous ones. I don't have anything else to say about this one. Really good.

9)Dark Marsh by Vixuzen: I was REALLY thinking puttin' this map in my bottom 3 because of how difficult it was, but that isn't a fair excuse to put such a cool looking map that low on the list. The textures have a lot of detail on them, which is always a good thing. But it really gave me Mystic Realm v4 flashbacks when i kept dying at the same jump to insta-kill swamp water. And some walls act strangely when thokking against them, it felt like a trampoline at times, but that's just a small detail that doesn't hurt the level. Had to replay the level a couple of times and i ended up liking it without forcing myself to like it (This was a problem i had with some of the levels lower on the list). Difficult level, but still good.

10)Gate Garden Zone by Ruberjig: As i stated before: The use of custom mechanic and enemies is always a good thing. But the thing that kinda put this level down in the list is that it's confusing at times: No matter how much i play this level, i keep forgetting how to complete it because things are not obvious enough. Didn't know that i had to spindash in a rock that looks that it can only break by using characters that can break floors. The level itself is cute, and the music reminds me of something from a Nintendo DS or Nintendo 64 game. I wanted to put this level much higher, but the others are slightly better in my opinion. Another underrated level.

11)Fatal Factory Zone by Kuba11: Piss plasma, Piss plasma, Piss plasma. The level was a bit plain for my taste, but the layout was very interesting. My favorite part of the level has to be the times when you can use those ziplines, they're really fast and fun. I got kinda disorientated at some point in the level because both rooms end up looking similar to each other and i though i was backtracking. Could be better ngl, with some changes here and there, i would've liked the level more. Regardless, it was decent level that has a lot of potential.

12)Hakuryu Dojo by Zaxel: I forced myself to like this level, because i just felt that it drags for much longer than it should. Outside of that, this level has really colorful textures that end up looking nice together. As i already said, custom mechanic and custom enemies are good, but some of them were annoying to deal with due to how small they are and how they take 2 or more hits for them to go kaboom. The boss at the end of the level was just painful to fight, felt like a chore. This was literally the only level in the contest that i never managed to beat due to how much of a pain is to beat this boss (Not saying that it's a bad to make hard bosses, but this one wasn't for me). I'm happy that the creator of this level is improving from their previous creations. Good job though.

13)Azlant Ruin Zone by Gambit: This is another level i wanted to put higher on the list, but i didn't. If you take the path you're supposed to take, then you will find some really cool platforming sections with decent atmosphere (I actually didn't care that most of the platforming relied on grabbing onto stuff and almost entirely underwater). However, nearly all of that can be skipped with either: A very calculated spindash or characters can that reach high distances vertically. But i think the map got rushed a little (I don't exactly know the process on making maps or straight up creating anything in SRB2. But i understand the feeling of running out of time on something), because the next section of the map is just enemy/spiky ball spam and a very straight forward rush-like section that looks like heaven to Metal Sonic players. And then there's the metal sonic boss fight (I actually have nothing to say on this one). This level has some flaws that i'm certain the creator of this level can fix. Nice job.

14)Square City Zone by Riolucariolu: I actually don't know how to feel about this level, it's very simplistic and it looks like it was made for Sonic only. Using other characters that are not Sonic just makes you able to cheese the entire level (I bet even Amy can acomplish that). I barely have anything to say about this level other than it can be better, just don't give up. Looking forward to that levelpack the creator of this level mentioned.

15)Aquatic Port Zone by WasifBoomz: Oh boy, this map. I should first mention that i'm impresed with ALL of these levels, as i don't really hate any level presented. Now... where do i begin... I can see a big improvement from Hypertower, but something about how the level is structured just seems off. The texture that covers a large portion of the map actually makes me dizzy at times and idk what is it meant to represent (Solid water? Is lava wet?). I'm sorry for saying this but: Some parts of the level felt like the typical obstacle course you can find in Roblox (I'm referring to how there's just random "lava" lying around that hurts you when you touch it). And then there's this puzzle that i actually didn't know how to solve so i pressed random buttons until it sorta worked and finished the level. The problem comes when there's no indication of what you gotta do in each puzzle and you gotta guess most of the time. Then again, this level is not bad, just needs fixing. I believe you can improve even more from this.

Last thing i wanna say is that: If i sound like a hypocrite at times, it's because i nearly gave up voting halfway through, and i'm honestly tired of writing. If something doesn't sound right then just tell me, i'm willing to update my opinion on your level if it convinces me (Yes, i'm aware this is gonna not gonna be public until the voting is over, just saying). That's all. (did i even vote correctly? bruh).
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