Yuru Yuri Season 2!

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I don't know if anyone here even knows Yuru Yuri, but it's an anime that started airing sometime in 2011. It's based off a manga, too. What i can say about the first season, it was funny, even if it has a little yuri. The last episode of season 1 really made me laugh. It's something like a comedy partially made out of yuri. And the second season started in July 2, 2012, and is still going!
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I read the word Yuri; I was gonna see it; I then realized it had around 9 year old girls and I hesistated.

Don't think I've ever seen anime series of that style, though.
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I have watched the first season of this show but this was little bit bore to me..Nut When I watched the new season of this show then I really enjoyed it so much..All the episodes of this show are great of this season but Lazy Japanese Summer episode is too entertaining to me.


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I've started the first season a few days ago. I've only got up to episode 3 because I'm busy doing other things. I find it quite enjoyable though.


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I have heard of this series and seen it advertised a lot, I might give it a try sometime this year.
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