Yoylecup [REVAMP] v4.0

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Yoylecup - It's a BFDI themed up!

Race in 5 different Battle for Dream Island themed tracks that I've created in the past few weeks! You might've already played on some of these maps early before MB release if you've played on my server: Two's Hotel!

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Two Circuit - Yoylecup 1 (MAPS2)
Race in a super simple Two-shaped track in Goiky! The race is 6 laps long and has 2 super-simple shortcuts!

- I actually made this map last due to how...

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Post-Split Cup! And a major update!

Yoylecup v3.0 has finally been released! Here's everything you need to know in the new major update!

The New Post-Split Cup!
Adds in 5 new tracks:
  1. Plate Beach (MAPPB)
  2. Pillary Ruins Zone (MAPRU)
  3. Yoyle City Drive Zone (MAPYD)
  4. Dissolving Clubhouse in Lead Paint Vomit! (MAPCI)
  5. Yoylecake Road 2 (MAPYE)
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Heya, Just tried out your update and I want to bring up Pillary Ruins Zone for a moment. I believe I found your problem of why it is 'not possible' to beat the track on Easy.


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Stapy-Paldea updated Yoylecup with a new update entry:

Unfinished EXIT Cup

v3.2 is now released!

Only 2 out of 5 courses have been finished because I feel like I want to make a different map pack now. These are the two new courses:
  1. Yoyra Boyle-Alis (MAPYO)
  2. Fourest Drive Zone (MAPFY)
New Map Redesign!
Lava Four has been redesigned into an easier and longer map!
The original one still exists but has been moved to map hell.

These following maps have been modified:
Yoylecup 1 - Two Circuit
Yoylecup 2 -...

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V4.0 in the works. Thanks to everyone who filled out the forum, I am doing a full revamp on the entire map pack for real this time. Some maps will be complete redone while others will have some adjustments and improvements to their structure. With Retakes, I will try to make the map way better than the original version and also attempt to make the map have a similar shape with the original version. High rated maps are likely going to stay the same.

Battle Maps and Hell Maps were not included in the ratings forum. I am doing the worst rated maps first before going on to the higher ones. I'm keeping the brand new maps a secret until release

Current Status: ITS FINISHED!!!
Here's a text only preview on the progress, Here's what the signs mean:

✅ means that I'm done with the map.
⏳ means that the map is in the waiting line
❓ means that I haven't decided the fate of the said map yet.
➖ means the map will be removed next update and a new one will replace it.
🕒 means that I'm going to do the said map next but hadn't started progress on it yet.
📝 means that I'm doing the said map now!
✅ means that I'm done with all the maps of the cup
⏳ means that the cup is in the waiting line
➖ means the cup will be removed next update, all maps in the said cup would have to be moved elsewhere
📝 means that I'm doing the said cup now!


✅ Two Circuit
- Retaken
✅ Awesomeness Clubhouse - Adjusted and Improved
✅ Yoylecake Road 1 - Retaken
✅ New Lava Four - Adjusted and Improved
✅ Yoylite Caverns - Retaken

✅ CUP 2: TLC CUP (The worst rated cup so far)

➖ Block Eraseway - Removed. No one likes circle/square shaped maps so this map goes bye-bye!
✅ Davidland Zone - Retaken and renamed, although still going with the Monochrome Color Palette.
✅ BFDI Machine Factory A Zone - Moved to Map Hell, Renamed, Makeover to make it looked abandoned (Worst Rated Map of all)
➖ Blocky's Funny Stadium International - Decided to remove for a new course to replace. This was because I was running out of ideas on the redo so I decided to make a brand new map to replace it's spot, Also it used the machine.gif that will be removed in v4.0
✅ Snow Plus Gasoline Equals Glue - Rethemed it to make it based off of the Snowy Forest. Also removed "death planes" that appear on the raised sections, Also added in the HQ version of the music that plays there since no one liked the low quality version


✅ Plate Beach
- Retaken, Renamed
✅ Pillary Ruins Zone - Improved, not a lot of changes to the structure though.
✅ Yoyle City Drive Zone - FINAL ONE, Retaken
✅ Dissolving Clubhouse in Lead Paint Vomit! - Renamed to shorten name, Retaken and made it a bit shorter.
✅ Yoylecake Road 2 - Redone although with a very similar shape

➖ CUP 4: EXIT CUP (Still at 2/5 maps)

This cup will be removed, the two maps will have to move to another cup.

✅ Yoyora Boyle-Alis Zone - Moved to Map Hell, Untouched
✅ Fourest Drive Zone - Moved to TLC Cup, Shrunk down map size

V3.2 MAP HELL (Doesn't need to be rated but I'll decide the fates for those maps)
➖ Four and X Circuit - Removed
➖ Lava Four Classic - Removed (v1.0 Map, It's been replaced with a new Lava Four since v3.2)
✅ Bug Slider - Decided to keep
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Yoylecup Redone!

It's finally out, The redo of Yoylecup has been released! With a majority of the maps being redone into a new structure and some with improvements or makeovers.

Big major thanks to all the four people who reviewed each map individually, those reviews helped me a lot to figure out what was wrong with each and every one of my map, so I spent about 10 days redoing and fixing each map one by one.

Here are the images of the new looks of the completely redone maps.
(The only 3 maps that were...

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