Your most hated sonic zone of all time?


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i hated final rush in SA2, it was fucking horrible, i died so many fucking times in that stage for making so many small mistakes and falling to my death that I actually had a game over from running out alot of lives, added with SA2's pretty awkward control made me drop the game for awhile before coming back and finally beating it.

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Metropolis Zone and Eggman Land. I'll explain why down below

First off for Metropolis Zone, and Jesus Christ this was a pain to play the first time. Enemies are literally everywhere and on top of that you have not 2 this time, but 3 DAMN ACTS. Thankfully they gave us Sky Chase Zone after tho.

Oh boy now for Eggman Land(PS3/360 Ver.) Do I really have to explain why I hate this stage? THIS JUNK TOOK ME OVER 40 DAMN MINUTES TO BEAT FOR STARTERS, and there are so many death pits it's so damn stressful, I literally have to keep my balance everytime and have to be VERY careful when boosting, or else the moment you fall it's hello death pit.


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mine is red volcano zone. have you wondered what lava reefs lava and scrap brains difficulty would look like as a zone? well, red volcanos gottcha. its just like- so HARD and frustrating. i came to red lava with 13 lives, made it out with 8 lives. and did i metion that enemies are everywhere? YES, there everywhere. everywhere you go, look theres an enemy there.

and you can get stuck easily
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my most hated sonic level is carnival night zone because of those spnning platforms. Before I even got to the other side I ran out of time


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Sandopolis. I hate this zone, especially act 2. The most painfull moment is when at the sandslides you don´t know where to go. I had a time over two times there.


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Have ever played Sonic 1 SMS Remake? Jungle Zone Act 2. Who the fuck thought that a AUTO UP SCROLL LEVEL WAS A GOOD IDEA!


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Okay... I know Metallic Madness is a bop, But Metallic Madness makes my blood boil. It's hard to me, No matter how much Times I beat Sonic CD, I just can't seem to get the layout! This isn't Mania, I'm talking Sonic CD:ohsnap:


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seriously what about labyrinth zone i still have scar from that also who thought it was a good idea to add crisis city in sonic generation i mean its a good stage for a remaster but its so boring


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scrambled egg zone from master system/game gear Sonic 2.

honestly i'd rather die, go to hell, and meet satan face-to-face than ever play that shit again.

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