Your most glorious Attainment of Super Sonic/Tails/Knux

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Dreazy TT

Most of the more obsessive SRB2 Match and Capture The Flag players have usually had the opportunity/ability to obtain all the 7 chaos emeralds and become super. Some of us have also witnessed or had an understandable reason to curse whoever formulated the black magic we know as the "Recycler Monitor", that has shown to infuriate a vast amount of players within net-games. But I and hopefully other people as well, want to know those stories. Which map were you at? Where was the player? How many times did you use 'setrings'?*mauled* In the mean time, here's my story:

It all started in Desolate Twilight Zone, where the server had about 9 players constantly circulating around the map. I was getting quite impatient because I couldn't really catch or find any of these players. So I decided to slow down a little. That's when I saw a hedgehog approaching on the long, black platform. I was standing by the red spring at this point, presuming that I had a rail ring left. I jumped down directly toward him (god knows why he didn't shoot back) and to my surprise, I hit him with a normal ring. I would usually not be content with this, but with the help of control lag, the timing allowed me to swipe all of his weapons, all 7 chaos emeralds and not a single ring dropped on the ground that day round. But there was no time to laugh, was there? Just double jump already!


I don't usually go for the emeralds very often, since I often host my own games with the emeralds turned off.

But there was this one time where the items got recycled and I ended up with all seven emeralds. I just double jumped like crazy and was very happy. :D

In fact, that might have been the very first time I ever got super in multiplayer.
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