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Yet Another Soapy Character

I've been making some progress on sprites, but I'm not sure what sprites I should work on next. I've gotten the deaths, life icon, hud icon, pain, idle, and signpost sprites. Anyone got any ideas?
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maybe attacking with his tail? like mario with the leaf power-up
Good progress! Takis's momentum and moveset is somewhat similar to Soapy, and it also rips off some moves from Antonblast! I love this addon as much as the Kirby addon. I think you should work on walking and dashing animations. I would be happy if you did! :)
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You can also try adding a ground pound cancel or a quick dropdash. I know - with the second one - that there is already one, but if you could do that that would be great! If not, you can add that to [INSERT SOAPY KNUCKLES HERE].
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Hey, you named Takis after crisps, right? There's Blue Heat Takis in the real world, so why don't you make it Takis's super? Thanks!
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You can also rename Knuckles to Krinkle. Idk why, just a small suggestion.
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Aw... Is it something to do with your mental health? We and the entire community expect more successful addons! This has been quite a journey!
because takis is kil :(
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