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XRNG - A seedable RNG library for SRB2 Lua.

XRNG is a seedable 32-bit RNG library with multiple instance support. It's an SRB2 Lua implementation of xoshiro128++ PRNG. Created instances should be seeded with a number or a string, otherwise the generated number sequences will always be the same after initialization.
To add the library to your mod, make sure to insert the lua file in the WAD/PK3 before all scripts that will use it. If you want to...

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I can't give this a starting rating, as I have not been able to test it myself. I did however, approve of this with good faith in your previous releases. I may not know of any issues, but I am confident that if any arise, you can sort them out. This mod could greatly benefit from an example script of some kind.

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