Wow,Garfields so ugly in THE FIRST COMIC EVER MADE!

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fawfulfan said:
Anyway...practically all comic strip characters look really primitive in their first stages of development. Look at the Fox family in the very first FoxTrot strip...Calvin and his dad in the very first Calvin and Hobbes...Rat and Pig in the very first Pearls Before Swine...I could go on and on. Bottom line? Yeah, he's ugly, but that's far from unusual in a comic strip.

Really? I much prefer the early character design and technique of Foxtrot and Pearls Before Swine. In most cases, I think the visual differences in early comic strip art is less due to a lack of artistic talent and more because of the cartoonist's willingness to experiment with different styles and designs.

And I know I'm about a week late, but I have to give mad propz to mah homeboyz Garfield and Friends.
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