Worst Pre-Metropolis Sonic 2 Zone?

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Sonic 2 is an overall better game than Sonic 1, but it sure does have more zones that are infuriating to play through.


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I'm going to be the one person alive who says that I like Metropolis - quite a bit, honestly. It's definitely hard as balls, but once you get how it works it's fun as hell to run through. I dunno.

I'm not the biggest OOZ fan, truthfully - just not a fun level. I'm also not super big on HTZ, for visuals alone. While still a fun stage, and it doesn't look bad, it's just a recoloured EHZ. It's definitely not a bad stage, but it's just kinda like "oh, Hill Top time, I guess." I used to hate Aquatic Ruin, but I learned how the level layout works, so I managed to work around that.


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If you count the Special Stages as its own zone, then that would be it. Point A from Point B in the main levels aren't that bad after multiple playthroughs, but I always hated the Special Stages in terms of accessing them, and doing them. Especially when you feel obligated to get 6 out of the 7 in Emerald Hill.


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whoever designed mystic cave zone was probably drunker than 10 stepdads put together

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My Ranking Of Every Sonic 2 Stage From Good To Bad:
1. Hill Top: Just Emerald Hill But More Fun Because Sometimes You Gotta Keep Moving, And That's What Keeps Me Motivated.
2. Emerald Hill: All Starters Are Great, And This Game Was The One To Introduce Me To The Gameplay The Most.
3. Death Egg: Just 2 Bosses, One You Just Cheese, And The Other Dies If You Take Your Time.
4. Hidden Palace: 1 Act Zone With A Unique But Not Fun Boss, Also Water.
5. Mystic Cave: Don't Get Crushed Or Smacked, Also What's The Boss Of This Stage, I Almost Always Go To Hidden Palace Instead.
6. Aquatic Ruin: Not Bad, Always Reminded Me Nowadays Of DSZ From SRB2TGF, But Not As Frustrating.
7. Sky Chase: Sadly You Cant Just Charge A Spindash Near The Middle And Win.
8. Wing Fortress: Is It Even Possible To Get Past That Clump Of Fans Without Losing Your Life Savings?
9. Oil Ocean: Genuinely A Drag, Only Better Than CPZ Because There Is No Water.
10. Chemical Plant: The Start Of Acts 1 And 2 Are The Only Good Things About It.
11. Metropolis: Would Be Ranked So Much Higher If Act 3 Was Instead The Standalone Cyber City Zone.
Let Me Know If I Missed Anything.


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I just dont get people who hate Aquatic Ruin.Its to me,the 2nd best Sonic zone with water gimmicks.

To me,worst zone: Chemical Plant and Oil Ocean.

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Getting into water when in Act 2 is intentional.Besides,i bet you didnt touched the water at Act 1.
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Well I went to the 2 places in the water and above I almost didn't go under the water in act 1 because sometimes I collided with something and I got off
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