Why did you pick your username?

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The Tortured Planet guy
I was much more obsessed with Fawful when I joined the SRB2MB than I am now...but at this point, I feel like that username is so heavily tied to my identity that I could never dream of being anything else. Besides, I still like Fawful...just no longer to an unhealthy extent. That is my username on just about every website where I actually get the chance to name myself...even "serious" sites like CollegeBoard.com.


Session Start: Sat Apr 16 2005
Session Ident: #srb2fun
[05:19:06 PM] * Superhyperspazzo_Sonic has joined #srb2fun
[05:23:05 PM] <Logan_GBA> hello?
[05:23:51 PM] <Ritz> Your nick is vomit inducing.
[05:23:56 PM] <Ritz> Just wanted you to know. =(
[05:24:37 PM] <Superhyperspazzo_Sonic> u talking 2 me?
[05:24:45 PM] <Logan_GBA> yes
[05:24:50 PM] <Ritz> No, of course not.
[05:25:00 PM] <Superhyperspazzo_Sonic> k...
[05:25:18 PM] <Kinhoshi> XD..
[05:25:21 PM] <Kinhoshi> You got him confused.
[05:25:38 PM] * Superhyperspazzo_Sonic is now very confused
[05:26:02 PM] <Shuffle> Your name sucks, Superhyperspazzo_Sonic
[05:26:53 PM] <Superhyperspazzo_Sonic> hey i like it i used to use it 2 years ago here when this place was the buzz...too bad it aint anymore =(

Some time later...

[10:47:35 PM] <Mystic> that is one incredibly long nickname
[10:47:38 PM] <SuperHyperSpazzo_Sonic> hiyo
[10:47:45 PM] <Alam_GBX> i know
[10:47:47 PM] <SuperHyperSpazzo_Sonic> its better than my first one
[10:47:47 PM] <Mystic> 22 characters
[10:47:55 PM] <SuperHyperSpazzo_Sonic> Super_ultimate_srb2_playah
[10:48:06 PM] <Alam_GBX> how about Bolmeteus_Steel_Dragon?
[10:48:14 PM] <SuperHyperSpazzo_Sonic> mehnah
[10:48:28 PM] <SuperHyperSpazzo_Sonic> so, whos up for a netgame *shot*
[10:48:39 PM] <Evil_Sonic> I am!!!
[10:48:46 PM] <SuperHyperSpazzo_Sonic> well then, same here
[10:48:47 PM] * Alam_GBX gets out his ban gun
[10:48:50 PM] <SuperHyperSpazzo_Sonic> somebody start one
[10:48:56 PM] * SuperHyperSpazzo_Sonic dosent like the look of this
[10:48:59 PM] <Mystic> If I wouldn't take penalty time, I'd switch to "ThisNicknameIsUnnecessarilyLong"
[10:49:19 PM] <SuperHyperSpazzo_Sonic> eh, you'll get used to it :P
[10:49:25 PM] <Alam_GBX> could you drop _Sonic
[10:49:35 PM] <Alam_GBX> and the Super?
[10:49:41 PM] <Mystic> you could drop to "Spazzo" and it would be much less idiotic

And that's how it all began. Now you know who to direct your hate mail at. ;)


Goes by Kirboy in netgames
Most of my accounts end with "Kirbyo", and that is because it was the first nick I used in a IRC room. Now about the Srb2 part is pretty obvious, especially if you look at my other accounts.


I see it, I see it now!
"Takashika" is my real name in Japanese. My classmate translated it, and now I'm not sure if it really is my name in Japanese, but it sounds better than my old name "NiteAngel" which sucked.


Back from the dead
About 3 years ago, I was playing a server, during that time, I decided to name myself "Silver", during the netgame, I changed it to Sonic 2 in reaction to the other players name being just Sonic...after that I never really thought of changing it to something else even if I have other names now, sooo...yea that's how Sonic 2 came around to Srb2


One of my nick names was Bbop (Pronounced "Bee-bop.") and I was 8 when I made up the username, so why not add an 800? Every since I was eight I've been using my username throughout every account I own. (Note/Offtopic: I'm 13 now, suprised?)

Project Dark Fox

The Sin of Wrath
Been using this name for about 5 or so years myself, but the 'element' I took it from has been around a lot longer than even that. When I actually wrote stories, I created this story element called the Project Dark Fox, essentially a genetic project to make the ultimate soldier, or better, MechWarrior. Of course, I made this up, a bipedal fox with lots of human traits, BEFORE I learned of the furry community.
With nothing better to take, I accepted this "vague" name.

Spirit Dragon

GameN'WatchComms Co-Host
I was getting bored one day and I started watching anime *thus started my anime frenzy.* I kept seeing the word Spirit and in Srb2 I can rail you from far distances. That started the Spirit Dragon series but now people just call me SD or Spirit.

nightmare cenz

My username is basically my name, C.E.N.Z (Carlos E. Nuñez Z.) And the "N" means "Nightmare" I took that from Megaman X6 (The Zero Nightmare).

Now for the the CtseFan (Chitose Fan), There is a Character In Fatal Frame 2 that's called Chitose Tachibana, I love Fighting her because she's adorable ...and Dangerous, So I became a Fan of her :D


I have this name because of my cat. The story is too long and I don't want to go through it yet again.

Prime 2.0

The first message board I joined was made up primarily of fans of Planet Zebeth, which is a Metroid sprite comic. Having not yet settled on a name to use online, I wanted to pick something relevant to use. I took "Metroid Prime 2"(which hadn't been announced yet), changed it to "Prime 2.0" to make it more unique and catchy. In hindsight, the name was also ambiguous enough that it could be used pretty much anywhere without broadcasting myself as merely a Metroid fan who couldn't think up a name, which is why I kept it.

I have this name because of my cat. The story is too long and I don't want to go through it yet again.

I don't care what you want Arf, I want to hear that story.
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a scar in time...
"Takashika" is my real name in Japanese. My classmate translated it, and now I'm not sure if it really is my name in Japanese, but it sounds better than my old name "NiteAngel" which sucked.

What's your real name? I can translate it for you o.o

Chose Ultimate because that was my name on youtube. Don't really like the name anymore. Sounds like I think I'm better than everyone. o.o"


Insane Idealist
Truth be told, I'm not entirely sure anymore. All I can remember is one day early on in high school I was experimenting with random fusions of nouns and verbs to see which combinations sounded somewhat cool. "Blacklightning" was the only decent one I got out of it, and it found ways to sneak into practically every other username I ever made since. I'm honestly surprised anyone has a backstory to their nickname any bigger than that, frankly.

I occasionally go under the name Jean Eric in some places where my usual username is taken. That's not actually my real name, more like a pen name crossed with a fanchar - I was trying to think up something generic at first, but at some point I actually used the word "generic" itself and twisted it into a play for words. That said, they're both pronounced similarly with the exception of the "Jean", and I was wondering if that thought crossed anyone's mind yet (at least, the few people here that already saw my gamertag anyway).


Oh, mine's pretty unspectacular. Google it and you'll find out. My name's also very cliched, but that's somewhat unintentional. I once made a hilariously stupid move and renamed myself to "Mahavishnu" on IRC, which led to a lot of funny reactions. Too bad I don't have the log.


The unreliable judge
Well, back when I was playing Warcraft 3 all those years ago, I forgot several usernames I had before, so I took my real name, swapped the J and the W around and made 'Wackjood'!

But, like the clumsy fool I am, I accidentally put in a h and as a result, created 'Whackjood' instead and I rather liked how that turned out, so, here I am today. With a name that turns out to have an anti-semetic meaning in another language I was never aware of until I met the Dutch.


Sonic Team Junior
Whackjood said:
With a name that turns out to have an anti-semetic meaning in another language I was never aware of until I met the Dutch.
Well, whack doesn't mean anything in Dutch, but jood means jew.

Anyway, my username was just made up at a random moment. It probably involved mixing 'spherical' and 'metallic' together. At least it's better than the name I previously used on forums... (3smile²)


My page on the SRB2wiki said:
I am Torgo, my real name is Erik Nielsen and I am a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Rifftrax. When I joined the forum, I didn't want a lame username like sonicknuxamy195170. I wanted to have a more intelligent username, so I choose Torgo. I thought it would be good for the srb2 message board because it would be original for the sonic community. Torgo is the "monster" in the movie "Manos the Hands Fate".

I would say that is pretty accurate. I wanted a unique username that I know no one else would take a similar name. Torgo isn't generic in the sonic world, so that is why I took it. If I signed up pretty much anywhere else on the internet, then it would be pretty generic.

Chaos Knux

Daww, a mother and her foal
Chaos Knuckles is awesome, eh controls the fabric of space-time and doesn't afraid of anything.
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