Who here remembers the Pentium-166?

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It's Mr. Computer!
Yes, I'm talking mid-90's multimedia PC. Anyone remember those days?

Remember when Microsoft released Windows 95 for the first time, and it was on display in electronics stores, with its brand new desktop and Start Menu, with all the tasks along the bottom? How it was 32-bit and capable of handling much larger numbers and filenames? How windows actually had a close button? Remember the first Pentium processor, which gave fast multimedia capabilities to millions of consumer systems?

And remember all the OEM (stands for On Every Machine, and is software prepackaged and preinstalled on consumer computers)? I'm not talking bloatware or trial versions. I mean full versions of quality titles. This kind of stuff was hardly "unwanted". Sonic CD, SimCity 2000, the Microsoft Entertainment Pack (Chip's Challenge, Rodent's Revenge, JezzBall, Rattler Race), and edutainment titles such as Howie Mandel's Tuneland (please don't tell me I'm the only one who experienced Lil' Howie). And those were just the games. Encarta 96, including all of its multimedia goodies and minigames, programs dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci's inventions (complete with more minigames) and Christopher Columbus' journey to the New World (I still can't believe they ate rope), and an interactive tour for home improvement made up the reference section (or at least, part of it). Even more unique, fun and useful programs were included, but I don't remember the extent of it.

All this. Free. Running excellently and without bloat out of the box. Back when the big companies truly cared about the computing experience. Back when companies were actually bothered to optimize their software to get it running smoothly on everyone's machines.

Anyone remember those days?

Fox Flare

I remember the 95, god such an awful computer that I used. I realized that once I got my windows 2000. Yet I don't think I remember 2000 booting up faster than 95, I don't know I forget...


Yes I do. I also remember Windows 3.1 and Redneck Rampage. I still think that secret weapon was fun. You put dynamite up a chickens butt then put the on a Crossbow and it acts like a homing missile.


What part of 'RETIRED' don't you understand?
OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer

No idea where the heck you got "On Every Machine"...
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