What's your favourite sonic game OST?


my favourites are

Sonic colors,unleashed,lost world,adventure 1 and 2,sonic 2 and 3,sonic forces,and many more


1. sa1 no question. nothing has come close to its scope, vibrance or variety. it flows with the game's aesthetics impeccably. even at its poppiest it has a strong sense of pathos.
2. 3&k. iconic. consistently catchy while always being atmospheric and the act 2 remix in every zone only emphasizes this. has by far my favorite robotnik boss fight theme of the series as well. it's all about that pathos.
3. 06. the only consistently good part of the game. could maybe even be #1 in an alternate reality where the game itself reflected it in any way but its one of those things where you don't even really pick up on its quality until you listen to the tracks outside of the gameplay.

#3 was a tossup between 06 and 2 but i have to respect 06's ambition in that regard. not to mention chemical plant, hill top and sky chase hurt my ears lel. i love sa2's soundtrack in of itself but i don't like its propinquity to emphasize the character you're playing over the level itself
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1: Edit: Water palace (Sonic Rush)
2: First act from tropical resort (Sonic Colors)
3: Dragon road? (Sonic unleashed)
4: Metal harbor (Sonic Adventure 2)
5: Green forest (Sonic Adventure 2)
6: Studiopolis (Sonic Mania)
7: Stardust Speedway Act 2 (Sonic Mania)

8: I Used To listen to an ost sometimes until i played sonic 3d blast, the first stage i guess :/
9: Spring Emotions (Sonic Runners)
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Surprised no one has brought up the Sonic Heroes ost, it's really good, and all the songs fit the stage they play in really well.

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In order of release, my favorites are S3&K, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Advance 3, Sonic and the Black Knight, and Sonic Generations. I like them all for different reasons, so I can't say I like one more than the others.

In regards to fangames, my favorites are Sonic FGX and SRB2, but there's plenty others I like too.

What is sonic ATS?
Sonic After The Sequel. It's a really well made fangame taking place after Sonic 2. There's also Before The Sequel which takes place before Sonic 2.


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For my favorite OSTs, it's gotta be Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure. There's something about them that just go so hard. Love 'em to death


The Flash Vol 2 #197
Genesis Era: Sonic 3 and Knuckles
Dreamcast Era: Sonic Adventure 2
Modern Era: Sonic Unleashed (Sonic 2006 had an awesome soundtrack as well.


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I honestly think Adventure 2 and Mania are tied for my faves. Same thing with favorite song lol. (Live And Learn VS Egg Reverie)

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