whats your favorite super form music

whats your favorite super super form music

  • srb2s version of tails's theme on sonic adventure

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Shuffle, (I just saw this topic mind you.) The S rule does not count if the word is singular such as names like Ssntails said. Therefore, Tails's! Go to school! *fffwfffffffffffffft* BURNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted:

Oh, and fffwfffffffffffffft is supposed to be the sound of FIRE!

Also, Live and Learn ftw!

For those who don't know, ftw means for the win!
I dont believe it,your all wrong it is his world from zebrahead...oh my god the music is impossible to resist oh in fact i gotta listen to it now! [runs to listen to the song]


The problem's chronic! *shot* Anyway, huge bump. Also, did JTE make that Super Sonic song, or did a new Sonic game have it, because I haven't been keeping up with modern Sonic games.
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