What´s your favorite gametype?

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Mine´s Race, mainly because it´s the gametype in wich I PWN the most.

I also like CTF, but it´s too dependant, my team NEVER has the flag in the base and I end up having like 950 points more than the one who´s 2nd in my team.


Coop (with level wads), race (on SP maps), classic race (on SP maps), and Hide and Seek (all maps)

I don't like race/classic race in circuit maps since most of them its thokfest only
As for match/ctf, I still like them but its better played in FPS games
As for Tag I like it but not my favorite


In order from most favorite to least fun:

Capture the Flag
Circuit Race
Hide and Seek - IT
Hide and Seek - NOT IT

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What requires brawn, speed, strategy, and teamwork? CtF does. This gametype is my all-time favorite dealing with multiple players. I just love the way this (and Match) can turn SRB2 mostly into a shooter.

Match/Team Match is my second favorite gametype. Alone, your skillz can be proven to others.
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Hmm... If I had to pick one, I would say Tag. It's fast and adrenaline pumping. I couldn't tell you how many times I got spooked by Celebi. =P

Match is the same, but I am no good at it. Eh, I'm alright, I guess. The most fun I have is seeing how far I get launched when someone nukes me with a bomb ring.


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hmmmmmm.... maybe I will say something there... then okay:

Best of all I think is coop on modified maps... and if anyone ever say I suck at coop then he will not say it about Match/CTF. I love these three gametypes and I'm not bad at all... I like it on normal maps because from modified maps I'm really confused where's monitor or weapon panel.

I don't really like tag at all, capital is H&S. That's boring gam,etypes and sucks fun from SRB2 (for me). :/

But what's the WORST gametype? You know what!! RACE and Completely horrible is classic race.

But sometimes I'd like to play as Tag and Race because it could be with right people much fun.
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Well... Most I like Coop on the normal maps because it's good for me to a SpeedRunning.

I like too Match because there is only 7 persons I can't defeat. So I am ownging 96% of players. And It's very easy.

My last fav gametype is race on every maps. Because speed of my Speed Running is making me faster than Super Sonic. So I am not easy to beat at Race.


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CTF definitely. I like all the gametypes (except co-op, sad to say, not even Egg Rock requires much skill.) but CTF is best, when you have decent teammates who know how to follow your cues (and preferably lead some as well) and don't insist on following you around all the bloody time. (Especially on defence, Christ that's moronic when your whole team does that.)


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Here's mine, in order from most liked to least liked.

Match - Pew pew pew. Killing people is fun.
CTF - With special macros to organize tactics, I can get a lot of fun out of this gametype.
Race - It's pretty fun, even though Sonic is OP. Sonic should be given a Doublejump here instead. He still has the fastest runspeed. >.>
Coop - Not that much fun, unless there's a proper level WAD (Mystic Realm) and/or a good custom character (KO.T.E, Hinote, Senku) added.
Tag - Fun if everyone's forced Tails/Sonic. Knuckles is OP here. He should auto-fall after a while.
C.Race - Finishing first to find out that someone collected one more ring than you is just ANNOYING.
HnS - See tag, except this one's boring that once time's up, you literally CAN'T PLAY and just wait there to see if someone finds you. BORING!


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Single player, match and CTF are definitely my favorite gametypes. However, I only like to play levels that are at least decent, and unfortunately, most addons here do not meet that standard.
Race is kind of boring because I'm more of an explorer, so time attacking is just not that fun for me. Tag and Hide & Seek are just match for lazy people (aside from the seeker) and watered down versions of match in my opinion.
While I don't really care about those gametypes, coop is something I really don't give a damn about. It's just single player with more people and lag. And because the netgaming community mostly consists of complete morons, I just don't see why people like it.


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And because the netgaming community mostly consists of complete morons, I just don't see why people like it.
The netgaming community like playing with complete morons because it consists of complete morons. Sounds logical to me.

Single Player for me, by a long shot. I do enjoy Match and CTF every now and then, mostly for contest judging. I also play on the official Match maps once in a blue moon because they're really good, but it's hard finding an actually enjoyable netgame. There's not really much middle ground between just plain bad players and crazed maniacs that played this game so much that they became too good for a casual player like me. It's even worse in CTF, because I very rarely see a balanced game. It's either 5-0 or 0-5, mainly.

If I was more interested in netgames, I'd probably organize private ones with people I actually play with.


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Match, CTF, and Tag. Coop is OK, but certain people make it harder for me to get the 6th and 7th emerald.


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Race is underrated, it´s the only gametype in wich luck doesn´t play that much of a crucial factor. Plus, it´s one of the few gametypes that actually fits the Sonic Franchise.
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