What old mods do you want to come back?

I kinda miss some of the level packs like Acid Missile, Blue Heaven, and some old singles like Egg Palace. But it's purely out of nostalgia, and they've aged pretty clearly. I imagine if some final demo level designers came back, they could do a lot more with what 2.2 has to offer.
Cream. An entirely remastered one and such for 2.2 (advance doesn't count.)
well it's don't brake a srb2 mb rules?

i want
Green Hill 2D
it's funny level

want with moden sprites (his so cute)

Sonic Man X maybe

and of course CD Sonic.
c'mon half of mb already edited and posted that addon for 2.2
And I see Sir "Lach" not very rage about portlegs of his addon.
Maybe somebody try make post it for mb?
I've been hoping for a port of the SRB2 Soundtrack Remade addon from v2.1 for a good while. That music was pretty damn good for 2014 standards. Wait a minute. That mod was out shortly after v2.1 was released, which was back in early 2014. And it's April of 2024. IT'S BEEN A DECADE SINCE THAT SOUNDTRACK HAS BEEN OUT??

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