What is your level of boredomness/lazyness?

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Sadly i recently getting bored of everything that is happening to me...i feel like everyday is the same friggin day over and over again...
Sometimes i try to do something special, but i mostly end up not having the mood for it...
And sometimes i'm trying to find interesting stuff, let it be in the internet or not, but those stuff are then again the same thing...
This is a form of huge lazyness of mine i wish to physically remove from my life...

But luckily i eventually find something interesting to do...

Sooo...How's your life doing?


I have the same problem.

Sometimes I WANT to go to school. Since at home, I'll be bored and won't have anything to do. But like you, I eventually find something to do.

I recently picked up SoulSilver. That will keep me busy for 200 hours. :p


With school, I have stuff to do. When summer starts, it's all fun and laziness, but the boredom kicks in within the first week. I need to get friends.

I never have anything to do every year until vacation time.


The Tortured Planet guy
Well, let's examine today alone...here's a schedule of what I did today.

1. Woke up at around 5:30.
2. Listened to some stuff on my iTouch.
3. Got dressed, brushed teeth, all that stuff.
4. Worked on Tortured Planet for a while.
5. At Dad's insistence, had a small breakfast of two microwaved croissants.
6. Went out to Northboro, Massachusetts.
7. Practiced for driving test.
8. Took the actual driving test (and passed :D).
9. Got a haircut.
10. Went home.
11. Worked on Tortured Planet some more.
12. Went out to an ice cream place with the girl I'm going to prom with.
13. Went to a Mexican restaurant with my family, completely pigged out in celebration of passing my road test.
14. Came home.
15. Worked on Tortured Planet.
16. Posted what I did today on the SRB2 Message Board.

So...yeah, I most definitely was not bored today.


Hmm... My life isn't boring anymore, even tough it's very same life what it used to be in year 2007-2010, but little differences.
My whole day... on computer... thats it...
well... my whole doingmap of the day is:
1. waking up some random time (3:50-16:30)
2. to the computer
3. still on computer (i might go to eat)
4. omn omn
5. compu...
6. evening practice (always doing 20 pushovers, 30 abs pushes, 50 duck 'n' jump)
7. sleeeeep

and my other life

1. wake (same times)
2. eating
3. relaxing until i'm over 75% awake
4. now it's close to summer so I go to outside
5. some time with good sunshine and walking, I go to home.
6. Playing good games
7. take a shower
8. evening practice
9. go to bed
10. playing with psp
11. sleeeeeep
* when it's raining, I go to outside
* if I got really bored and nothing to do, I do some house cleaning
* If I got really bored and nothing to do and house is cleaned, i go to sleep and if i'm not sleepeh I go crazy and start to doing stuff until my energy is under 75% and it's starting over from my "other life" step 3.

stuff what makes me bored?
My normal life, I don't really have friends who will go with me doing something fun.

Why my life is so bored?
Because of my living places. I got unsocial, so I started to use computer, now it got really big part of my life.
There are times when I'm so lazy in-fact, that I grab one of my old crutches while lying down and stretch it across the room to turn off my light switch and close my door.


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Kart Krew™️

1. Woke up at around 12:40.
2. Tried to A-Rank a few missions in Sonic Heroes.
3. Ate some chicken for breakfast, and got dressed.
4. Got dressed, and went to go see Just Wright.
5. Went to JC Penny, and got a shirt for my grandma.
6. Went to Target, and got a Runescape Card.
7. Went to a restaurant to have some food, I ate pancakes.
8. Went to the grocery store.
9. Came home, was in the process to call a girl I like, but instead called my friend who called while I was gone. (Komet)
10. Typing this and playing Runescape.

My day in a nutshell, it was quite interesting.


Different timezones~

What I do mostly everyday? First off, wake up a 5:30 in the morning. Feed my pets; cats, and a raccoon. Then, I'm assigned a few college assignments to keep me busy by my mother, and afterwards, I have the day to myself. Sometimes in the evening I'm hanging out with my brother and his crew.


I see it, I see it now!
The same happens to me. I do feel like everyday is the same (Wake up, go to school, go home from school, go to computer, etc..) and I try to make it different from the rest. It's the same everyday, some being special (like driving around town, going to parties.. The mall? Eh, not really).

1. Wake up and get dressed (8:00 in the morning or 5 more minutes)
2. Eat breakfast then wait for my classmate's mom to pick us up.
3. Go to school and do work
4. Walk home
5. Change clothes and put my uniform in the washer, then turn on the computer.
Since homeworks are passed every Friday (or earlier), I only do homework at Thursdays
6. Watch TV (I don't watch much, though. If it's Friday, I'll watch American Idol :P)
7. Do stuff at the computer (either homework research, which I do very quickly, or the "regular" stuff like go to forums, social network sites, etc..)
8. Brush teeth and sleep

On weekends:
1. Wake up
2. Go to computer
3. Eat and go back to computer
4. Watch American Idol
5. Go back to computer then sleep

I don't do much, unless my dad has a day-off and we can either drive around or go somewhere.


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I'm just going to hop on the bandwagon here, and list everything that I do on a normal school day.

1. Wake up - 6:00
2. Take a shower - 6:30
3. Take breakfast - 7:00
4. Prepare things for school - 7:10
5. Go on my iPod for internet and related stuff - 7:20
6. Brush teeth - 7:45
7. Go to school - 7:55
8. Arrive at school - 8:10
9. Start of first lesson - 8:30
10. End of last lesson - Monday/Thursday - 14:20, Tuesday - 13:05, Wednesday/Friday: 16:00
11. Arrive at home - add 10 minutes to end of last lesson
12. Go on the PC - the instant I get home, to 18:00
13. Dinner - 18:00
14. Homework - 18:30 to ?
15. Go on the PC again - ? to 0:00
16. Sleep - 0:00

Yes, I only get 6 hours of sleep, no, I'm not tired all day.
Anyways, now for what I do in the weekends:

1. Wake up - 10:00 or something
2. Go on the PC - when I wake up until 12:00
3. Have lunch - 12:00
4. Get back on the PC - 12:30
5. Dinner - 18:00
6. Get back on the PC again - 18:30
7. Go watch something on TV - 20:30
8. Get back on the PC yet again - 22:00
9. Get some sleep - 0:00

Yes, I'm addicted. :3

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I have the same problem.

Sometimes I WANT to go to school. Since at home, I'll be bored and won't have anything to do.

Same here. I'm just so bored at home, but I can't think of anything to do most of the time, except for listening to music to pass the time.

As for my SoulSilver, I've pretty much exhausted that game after a month and a bit of playing it, apart from trying to complete the Pokedex, or trying out the Battle Frontier and Pokeathlon. =/


The Tortured Planet guy
I personally enjoy school and home in different ways. I like a healthy balance of them; vacations every now and then are nice, but I tend to get bored by the end of them.


a scar in time...
Easiest thing for me to do when I'm bored is play videogames. Next is wandering the internet endlessly. Right now I'm bored of videogames, but not bored in general.

Trying to practice piano more. At least 4 hours a day. Then study Japanese. Then try to get better at drawing (I'm terrible). Then maybe watch some anime xD Also want to write a story, but I don't work on that very often.


The board's UK Ecologist
On my weekdays:

1. Get up at 6:30am for shower
2. Have breakfast and check college timetable on laptop (10 - 15 mins)
3. Get ready for college - 20 mins.
4. After waiting for 10 more mins, leave the door at 7:15am to go my bus.
5. Bus picks me up at 7:45am, arriving at college at 8:45am.
6. College lectures start from 9.00am - 4:00pm. 12:30pm on wednesdays.
7. Bus comes down at 4:50pm, get to stop around 5:50pm.
8. Get home at 6:00pm and go on laptop for about 1 hour 30 mins.
9. Have tea, 15 - 20 mins, then go back on the laptop for another hour and a half.
10. Go for a shower at around 9pm. Then I settle down around 9:30pm - 10:00pm.


1. Get up at 7:30am, Shower and breakfast.
2. Go on the laptop for about an hour and a half.
3. Leave for work at 9:15am. Shift starts at 9:45am and finishes at 5:00pm/
4. Same as stages 8 - 10 on weekdays.

Days off.

1. Get up at 8:30am - 9:00am
2. Have breakfast and go on laptop for 2 hours
3. Socialise
4. The same as steps 8 - 10


aka J-town/NeonJ
My day. :3


07:00am: Hopefully wake up and get dressed.
07:05am: If awake, do something. Usually I play on my DS here, but I sometimes enjoy a good ol' game of SRB2. Free time for 1 hour.
08:00am: If asleep, get woken up with LOUD SHOUTING. D:
08:10am: Breakfast. If there's anything there, that is.
08:20am: To school. UGH. I so wish I could leave. >.>
02:55pm: Leave school. Yay! There's still the bus to sort out, though.
03:30pm: Arrive home, hopefully.
03:30pm: Do homework. (AKA: Procrastinate)
04:00pm: Do stuff. Seeing as it's far too dangerous to even take a step outside where I live, it's usually my laptop, DS or Wii that gets the attention.
05:00pm FRI: Prepare to go over Dad's.
06:00pm FRI: Go over Dad's, McDonalds.
06:00pm MON, WED, THU: Random food
06:00pm TUE: Subway
10:30pm not FRI: Bed. (AKA: Sneak DS to bed and go on it until 11:30)


8am-1pm: Get up. And do stuff. Usually DS and Laptop for 1 hour
1 hour after getting up: Go outside and go over my friend's or something. :3 I'm always over Dad's on weekends, and it isn't dangerous there at all.
6pm: Food
7pm SAT: Help my sister babysit my best friend until midnight. The only part of the day my computer ISN'T connected to a connection with open ports.
7pm SUN: Prepare to go back to Mum's.
9pm SUN: Prepare for school and everything. D:
10:30pm SUN: Bed. (AKA: Sneak DS to bed and go on it 'til 11:30pm)

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Well i could have a lot of fun with my Wii, if my TV wouldn't be a jackass, and the guys in the service wouldn't be a jackass either... -.-


Yup, once a person gets attached to the internet and goes to the same sites daily, things get really boring. That's why you have to try different places, new things and whatnot. I've been really bored lately, and I'm bound to be much more since summer is coming.

7:00AM: Wake up, shower, breakfast, get dressed for school
7:30AM: Leave to school, go the school's library to socialize with fellow SRB2 member True Tengu Man, on Wednesday mornings, Art Club.
8:30AM: School starts, period 1.
10:47AM: Lunch starts. chat with lunch friends.
11:32AM: Period 5 starts, along with rest of the day.
2:32PM: School ends, hang out with friends, Tuesday: Naginata Club, Thursday: Japanese Club.
6-6:30: Come home from whatever I did today, relax, do homework, computer, television.
11:00 - 12:30: sleep depending on the time I am tired the most. Friday: sleep at 2 - 3:00AM.



Are you kidding? I have competitions that stretch across my entire school to see who can be the laziest of them all. It's beautiful in it's own way really, and even the losers win. They are cheered and applauded for grabbing the pen that we dropped, going out of their way to be valiant, and noble.. un.. I'm not smart, this isn't working.
I just only hope I'm never that sucker.

Morning; Get up. Hopefully before 8.
Afternoon; Work, play, it's all good.
Night; Walk somewhere, I don't know where, I just walk.
Midnight; Walk back. Try not to fall asleep somewhere public. I wouldn't want to snore.
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