What is your guys opinion on the new message board so far?


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Here's an image of a melon. Thank the heavens that this is easier to do now.


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Pretty snazzy. I've been through three iterations of this board now (I joined when it was on, I believe, phpBB), and this is likely the best one yet.


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So, my most sincerest opinions about the new MB, it's that for me, it feels mostly more than we were used to, with some exceptions, like the more practical thread view, having the files now bigger, and included all together with the pics and gifs loaded, making the files easier to spot, now being bigger and not way too far from the description text, As also the fact that you have more profile's personalisation, Like the profile's banner which may be any kind of pic you want to be shown bigger than the PFP itself, like a pic of the char you made, your best map, or anything. As long a it aint something obscene or that may be offensive. Obviously


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No complaints. More functional than what we had before and more comfortable to look at. The addons module is pretty fantastic and I have to give D00D his due for painstakingly updating all mods to match the new tagging system. What a trooper.

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