What is your favorite Classic Sonic ROM hack?

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Tied between Metal Sonic Rebooted and Metal Sonic Hyperdrive. Both are super fun games with really cool takes on how Metal can play, especially in Rebooted's case where he has all these specials he can do at the cost of a few rings, and can even get Bomb as a temporary ally. However, while not my absolute favorites, I still gotta mention, Sonic Brother Trouble and Pana Der Hejihog, 'cause both are super nostalgic to me.


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damn that is hard, i have a lot of favorites
Well one of them is megamix obviously, sonic 1 the next level, and a lot more
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si no hablan español use translate bueno después de aclarar comencemos,mi rom hack favorito es the ordinary rom hack of sonic 1
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pos eso


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