What is the weirdest thing you played Srb2 on

A Five year old Samsung tablet that runs about as fast as a clogged toilet.
I have 2 weird places
On my phone using the PPSSPP emulator
An old Moto E2

I tried to run it on an old Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo but despite the SRB2 APK asking for a minimum SDK equivalent to android Jelly Bean the SO libraries don't work on those versions so the game complains it can't find SDL2 on startup but if it worked then that'd be my weirdest place where I played it.
It's a game based on the Doom Engine.

Maybe SRB2 can run everywhere 🤔

(I remember ages ago playing it on the PPSSPP emulator on mobile on an obsolete tablet LOL you'd guess it definitely wasn't fluent or comfortable at all 💀)
once when i was at the school my mothet works at (shes the principal) one of the laptops would get the files wiped and replaced with a clean windows install

so i just played srb2 on web browser there, got to castle eggman and never saw the laptop ever again

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