what is the best 2D sonic game in your opinion

I think that's a bit of an open ended question for me in all honesty. I've played all sorts of Sonic and I have trouble nailing down what I think is The Best.

Personally I think Sonic 3 is absolutely one of the best games in terms of 2D Sonic. The Elemental Shields offer all these neat little enhancements to the way you navigate levels and reach the giant rings, from the electric shield's double jump to the fire shield's air dash. The Insta-Shield was also a really nice mechanic, incredibly well thought out with how it can expand sonic's hitbox and even deflect projectiles if timed properly.

On that same note, I could say Sonic Rush is also one of the best as well, just due to the way sonic and blaze feel to play, how the story plays out and of course the soundtrack too.

Similarly, I could even point to Sonic Mania as also being one of the best 2D sonic games for similar reasons as to Sonic 3 and Sonic Rush.

But if you want me to give you a concrete solid, king of kings answer...

Yeah honestly it's just gonna be Sonic 3. It's just an incredibly solid game and I always enjoy my time with it.
As of right now, Sonic 2 (Very fast paced levels most of the times and very okay bosses, just try to avoid the special stages....)

Sonic 3 and Knuckles (Playing as Hyper sonic is fun, All the levels are fast paced again and the soundtrack is a banger)

Im looking to trying to beat Sonic mania, Sonic rush, and Sonic Rush adventure Soon.
I don't know honestly, it's hard to pick the most specific 2D Sonic game whether it's Sonic 2, or Sonic 3. But, to me. Sonic 2 is my favorite 2D Sonic Game. It's Bosses are okay, they are sometimes harder. Most of the zones are fast-paced, and some are platforming. Its Special Stages might be worse than you thought from Sonic 1's Special Stages.

Sonic 4: Episode 2 is my second favorite 2D Sonic Game, now. I know that Sonic Fans might think that the Sonic 4 saga, had a horrible start. Leading Episode 1, to be the worst in the Sonic 4 saga. Except, Episode 2... Now, It does bring in content that doesn't repeat the original zones from the other 2D Sonic Games. As it has creativity, also. Its Special Stages are a copy of Sonic 2's Special Stages, except. Harder to go through, which I hate the most about Episode 2. Luckily, Episode 2 is technically an upgrade to its previous episode.

Sonic Mania is my third favorite 2D Sonic Game, it's because there reusing some zones from the other 2D Sonic Games. It's like they're reusing Green Hill Zone, but they're twisting it up, but it's still being reused in their next game. And I'm talking about Sonic X Shadow Generations. But getting straightforward, it does reuse some zones from the original 2D Sonic Games. But, it gives out brand new zones as well. Studiopolis, Press Garden, and Titanic Monarch. All giving their flair and uniqueness. Its Special Stages are fantastic as well, it's like Sonic CD's Special Stages, but you race for the UFO and get the Chaos Emerald. It's also really challenging (sometimes) but it's worth the try, at least...
Sonic 2. It has the most faithful level design philosophies to what a Sonic game is and should be.

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