What Happened To Master Server?


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Just Opened the game, i was to go play to Multiplayer, then there are no servers, so i Come´d here in forums cus when i try to get in Master Server but says "Oops! We ran into some problems." I Dont know what happened so I would appreciate if someone Can Tell Me What happened. Thanks.
Edit: Hope yall reading this.


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If you’re in this community, you should already know that the master server sucks lol

edit: also the oops thing is nothing to worry about. Look for the master server in the main forum thing. They just need to change where the link on the main site goes to. But if you need to look right now, go here. https://old.mb.srb2.org/masterserver.php


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yeah the master server is bad even kart krew made their own that is even better(its for a mod dont go search it) theres a lot of problem and you will pretty much never access the server via the server list but only via ip

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