what game did you realize is really good despite disliking it when you were younger?


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for me, I was digging up some old gamecube games my brother and I shared, and I found Soul Calibur 2. as a kid I didn't enjoy it because it wasn't like melee at all, but after replaying it I can confirm I was missing out big time. it feels so satisfying to play, and it's really fast paced and doesn't have too much fluff. I don't like weapons master that much though

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This is going to be a bit of a wild pick, but Pokemon TCG turned me off from playing it during its Gen 5/6 era when the Basic Pokemon EX cards became the meta. It was only recently when I chose to start playing around with Gen 1 cards with my buddy that I rediscovered why I was fascinated with the game initially.

In terms of video games, I haven't had that kind of experiences with strong emotions to them to be honest. The closest to reaching that status is the PSP port of Tekken 6, and even then despite Tekken 7 going off the deep end with its storyline, I still prefer to not touch that game due to how they massacred my main.


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Sonic 1
As a kid,i didnt knew the jump button exists,so i coulnt even do progress on Green Hill Act 1 XD.
I was struggling with the entire game then,but now i can beat it millions of times.


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Spongebob Supersponge. Sucked at it as a kid, but beat it later in life. It's charming for what it is, I suppose.


i think this sort of applies to the genesis sonic games in general for me honestly. sure i PLAYED them a lot as a kid and enjoyed them enough but i remembering feeling they were a bit dull and rote and generally preferring the adventure games. nowadays i actually know how to use the momentum (not to mention can actually get to the upper paths ever without blaming the game for only seeing the lower ones) which i think is the golden secret to [real] classic sonic that makes it iconic and yeah now 3&k is without a doubt my favorite in the series. i guess my real answer is 3&k because it went in my view from mid to 16-bit perfection.

my off-topic answer would be resident evil 2 lol. didn't help i was like six the first time i played it on a friend's n64, loading a save right before the autopsy room...
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I've probably mentioned this in another thread before, but I didn't really like Mega Man ZX the first time I played it. I loved the Zero games, so ZX being a sequel series was really hype to me. Then it turned out that the mission system and map system were rather poorly designed, not really telling you where you need to go as a new player. I ended up putting the game down, but eventually decided to give ZX Advent a chance not long after it came out. I ended up loving it, which inspired me to go back and give the first game another chance. I ended up loving that one too, and now they're some of my favorite games right along side the Zero series.


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Mega Man games generally speaking were too hard for me back then and I didn't really get into them until I was in my teens probably. I think I probably wanted to like them at the time but the skill gap was too intimidating for me.


Where can I begin with this? There were quite a few games that were deserving of this status. I had not gotten used to this game (SRB2) when I first started, as it was a different feel, and boy was it difficult at first. Nowadays, I can speedrun pretty well into THZ 3 for the All Emeralds route as Sonic (It takes me a few minutes, but at least single digit minutes IGT as far as I know).


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I discovered SRB2 around early 2.1. I hated it because of deep sea 2. Now I can blast through red volcano in as little as 2 minutes.


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Half-Life. I went through this horrid phase that lasted around nine years where I would tell myself NEVER to play an FPS game, because of how bloody and gore-ish some of 'em can get, and due to some other factors that I will not get into here.

A couple years ago, I bought GMod to play around with the physics engine, and then bought HL2, and then HL2, in typical me fashion, beating the sequel / remaster before the original.
Half-Life and its sequel were amazing. I enjoyed every last second of both of them, and I nearly completed "BLACK MESA" (Half-Life's fan remake) before the original lmao

Another game that I believed was horrible before I got into it was "UNDERTALE", simply due to the "Should be burning in Hell" part LOL
And then in 2019, I played it for the first time, got through the Pacifist route in six and a half hours, and cried like a baby during the "New Home" segment where the main game overture played. To this day, I still haven't got the will to kill everything lol.


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Honestly, I disliked Mario as a joke when I was younger. Cuz of the Sonic v. Mario thing. But both Sonic and Mario actually have very good games and franchises.

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