What control method do YOU guys typically use?


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What control method is commonly used within the SRB2 community and what control method do YOU guys use?
[Keyboard & Mouse] [Keyboard Only] [Mouse Only] [Controller] or [Other]

I like to use my Xbox Wireless Controller, which I use USB-C to connect to my laptop (useful for when I'm playing with custom characters because using Q/Z, E/X, and R/C for Custom1, 2, and 3 gets uncomfortable), but I mostly just use Keyboard (& Mouse) now :D. Edit: I've gotten pretty good at using Keyboard & Mouse and now it's my preferred way to play.

Controller: LStick to Move and RStick for Camera, A to jump, B to spin, X, Y, and LB for Custom 1, 2, and 3, RB for Toss Flag, DPad Left and Right for Prev. & Next Weapon, DPad Up for Fire and DPad Down for Fire Normal. (I should probably get a new controller with extra re-mappable buttons.)

Keyboard & Mouse: WASD to move, Space to Jump, LShift for spin, Q/Z, E/X, and R/C for Custom 1, 2, and 3, arrow keys/mouse for Camera, Brackets [ ] for Prev. and Next Weapon, ;/LMB and '/RMB for Fire and Fire Normal, F/Click Wheel for Toss Flag, Tab for Game Status, and \ for Console.
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wasd to move for me,

J for Jump, K for spin, iol for custom 1-3 respectively, arrow keys for camera, q and e for next and previous weapon.

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Standard FPS-like controls here.
WASD for move, mouse for looking, Space is jump, Ctrl is spin, Customs are Z, X, C
Q and E are prev/next respectively, and number keys (top of the keyboard, not the numpad ones) are weapon select.

Addition controls are V for quick toggling Chasecam, F is Toss flag, TAB is scoreboard, Left Mousebutton is Fire, and Right Mousebutton is FireNormal, T is chat and Y is team chat


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Jump on SPACE.
Spin on SHIFT.

Custom 1
Ctrl and button x - XTREME!

Custom 2
Button Q and C

Custom 3
Button E and B

T chat

V for quick toggling chasecam

Mouse classic shooter controls


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its a switch pro controller here is my setup (btw if your wondering how i got the Switch pro controller to work i use Steam to get srb2 to detect it)
A - Jump
B- Spin
Y - Custom1
X - Custom2
Right JoyStick - move
Left JoyStick - cam


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I thought there was a thread for this already?
Anyway, I use keyboard w/mouse, of course - the INTENDED way to play.

Standard A.K.A Manual play style, though I don't mind switching to Strafe if people tell me to.
CameraMouse; third-person mouselook OFF
Toggle First PersonV, first-person mouselook ON
SpinLeft Shift
Next/Prev WeaponE/Q respectively
Fire/Fire NormalLMB/RMB respectively
Toss Flag'
Custom Buttons (1/2/3 respectively)Z/X/C


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I use:
WASD for movement
LShift for spin
Arrow keys for camera
E, Numpad 0, and F for custom 1, 2, and 3 respectively,
And Q for Tossflag.
i use keyboard only. i have no idea how i even managed to come up with the idea for this, but:
ijkl or arrow keys for movement
g to jump,
f to spin,
d for custom 1,
h for custom 2,
e or space bar for custom 3,
r to look up,
z to look down,
a and s to look left and right respectively,
and u or / for toss flag.
ive tried all other control schemes but this one seemed to work best for me and even in doom although looking left and right feels inanely sluggish. i also changed and catered this control scheme around playing super mystic sonic. hope this helps~


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I use keyboard and mouse.
WASD for movement
Z to jump
X to spin
I,O,P for custom buttons

Manual/Standard play style
Mouselook always enabled


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KB&M always beats all the control schemes :knuxsmug:

Mouse for aim (and mouselook enabled, of course)
center view bound to R
jump bound to Mouse2
spin bound to Mouse3
movement bound to WASD
custom buttons bound to Z, X and C
mouse wheel bound to weapon switch

the rest of the buttons are underused enough that they don't get to be mentioned :shitsfree:


For me, Keyboard and Mouse is the only natural way to play the game. Any other control scheme makes the game really uncomfortable for me.

I use Manual for normal gameplay and Strafe for Ringslinger and Battle.
C1, C2, C3 = Q, E, R respectively
Center View = C
Change Weapon = 1, 2, ... , 6 or mouse scroll.


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W A S and D to move.
space to jump and shift to spin
mouse to move camera
custom 1 - z
custom 2 - x
custom 3 - c
AltGr for fire
Right Ctrl for fire normal
> for next weapon
< for previous weapon
right click to record gif
= to screenshot
1,2,3,4,5,6, and 7 for weapon slots


Automatic playstyle,
WASD to move
J to jump
K to spin

It's like Sonic Adventure 2 Battle's scheme.


In the beginning (spanish person, sry) i used A and D to move the camera, jump with G and spin with F
But now i play in standar


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Keyboard and Mouse as its the most accurate for Ringslinger game modes which i started SRB2 in.

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My preferred control scheme is keyboard and mouse in automatic style with no camera options (for a anglestand without mods)
WASD: Move
Space: Jump
Left Shift: Spin
Custom 1-3: 1-3 on keyboard
Left Click: Fire Ring
Right Click: Fire Normal

ova pico

KeysWhat They Do
LShift and ESpin
Left ClickFire
Right ClickFire Normal
the ' keyToss Flag
Custom Keys (Z/X/C)Custom (1/2/3)
also, i use keyboard, manual (or rarely strafe), with a camera distance of 280, height of 40, and speed of 0.6
basically the pico control scheme™


automatic playstyle, arrows for movement, z for jump, x for spin, c s and d for custom actions, space to reset camera. simpleheight's at 75 since having to use the mouse to look down kinda defeats the purpose.

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