Water/slime noclip effects in air?


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In SRB2, if you/your camera is near the surface of some water or slime, then it will have a stretchy effect, well I have been a bad boi and been noclipping and some levels, like Greenflower Zone, 1 to 3 (maybe not 3), have some unused water segments where it shows the screen moving in a really wavy way, you can see it in GFz1 if you try, but does anyone know how to replicate this wavy camera motion, and add a pfp, bc I need a pfp for the MB bc i would want one and i want to see the camera motion recreated for a 'SRB2 Drunk Mod' I'ma start working on, ps, it'll be weird so i need a weirder camera for a weird mod, but does anyone know how to recreate the wavy camera?


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Potential answer

That's probably just a bug where the water effects persist outside sectors.
However, you may be able to use the Heat Wave linedef special to to create the waving effect in the air, but it may not be the same.

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After reading through the wiki a bit, you can also specify a ripple effect with a custom FOF. You can apply it to the whole level by giving the control linedef the tag 65535 (or -1), and for just a ripple effect, the custom FOF flag number you can use is 40000041.
(EDIT: The wiki says it only affects the floor and ceiling and the view behind it, so it may not work. Sorry.)
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I'll Begin

and add a pfp, bc I need a pfp for the MB bc i would want one

Watch those run-on sentences, buddy. I nearly missed this. 😅

At the top of the webpage there should be an option called "User CP" (also known as the control panel). From there you'll find an option on the left sidebar called "Edit Avatar".

If you see these options then you're in the correct place:

From there, simply mark "Use Custom Avatar" then either provide a URL or upload a file for your avatar, then click "Save Changes". Note that the image must be quite small to work on this particular messageboard: 128x128 pixels and 150 KB (kilobytes, file size) is the maximum. If you don't know what that means, it just needs to be a tiny image.

If your desired profile picture gets rejected, lemme know if you need help converting it to fit these requirements.


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