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Hello everyone, I come here today with a small problem I've noticed. I've been working on a small project on and off for a while now, but I just took notice that when starting one of my maps in the pack I get the following error:

"WARNING: Constant 'GFZROCK' could not be parsed."

While this doesn't seem to negatively effect gameplay, it is something I would like to try to get rid of it I can, but not sure how to go about hunting this down (serveral walls and linedefs in general are using GFZROCK). Any and all help would be appreciated, thank you for reading this.
Since update 2.1.24 and with the introduction of the MusicPlus feature, linedef type 413 (Change Music) has gotten additional functionality for seeking only in GME-supported songs using the front middle texture (you can read more about it in the merge request and the Wiki article).

However, since making new sectors automatically add midtextures to all its linedefs, "GFZROCK" is seen as an invalid value to seek at—hence the warning. As this feature doesn't apply to .mp3 or .ogg music format, that can be safely removed. Look for all linedefs with action 413 in Zone Builder and remove any front midtextures on them to solve this issue (see image). Hope this helps.

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