Overeager Raposa
Fort Sunset - Own entry.

Hollow Hill - Fantastic, there's so many cool details, right down to how the rings are laid out. Very much looking forward to additional acts if they are ever released.

Falcon Emissary - Very good, but a bit aimless. There's so much detail that the level's indications on where to go can be easily missed. In other words, a bit too much of an otherwise good thing. Aside from that, excellent all around.

Abyss Caverns - Despite its brevity, this is a fun map. I think a colormap during the normal cavern sections would've really helped sell the atmosphere.

Mercury Mine - Decent, but a bit bland and overly spacious. The enemies chosen work better in tight spaces, yet the incredibly open level design makes it trivial to avoid them. Has very good pacing and flow, however.

Blizzard Bastion Zone - Reminds me of a frozen Castle Eggman Zone, and I mean more than just the chains. I like it! Colormap could've been a little less gray, though.

Ridge Rapids - Cute, if a bit confusing. Not much to say otherwise.

Ante-Station - This is insanely cool, but the level suffers from overambition. These kinds of moving platform challenges don't work well in 2D, and the camera angles occasionally make it hard for me to judge my jumps.

Lava Temple - Love the aesthetic, but perhaps it goes on for a bit too long? Maybe it's just not my kind of level. Hard to judge this one.

Teal Tundra - Had fun, but this level doesn't do anything that interesting, and the enemies feel a bit tacked on. The Snappers were the right call, but some more platforming challenges taking advantage of the water could've helped.

Koopa Kastle - This is kind of just a generic level with a neat Bowser's Castle skin. I wish there was more done to capture the magic of what a Bowser's Castle level should be. Also, the inclusion of Brak Eggman is very confusing. He doesn't really belong. The vanilla Goombas also clash with the revamped Koopas. That said, this being based on a SMM level, and the inclusion of a code for the original are both incredibly neat. Despite my criticisms, not bad.

Zaxel's Thunder Yard - Average at best, even without factoring in the tasteless elements that caused enough of a stir on Discord.

Bombastic Beach - This level is really short, and while that's okay, it leaves very little of an impression. Why the random fireballs? Personally, I think spikes would have fit better.

Drenched Dam - The invisible wall usage is really egregious; SRB2 simply isn't the type of game where you can get away with such restrictive design. The race makes for a nice change of pace from the other entries, though.

Music Mash - This level just isn't very good. The flashing visuals are way too big, the camera usage is confusing, the gimmicks seem random and unfocused, it's hard for me to like this level. I appreciate the inclusion of a flashing lights warning, but either that warning should be included in a pre-level cutscene, or you should not start the player in the same room as the flashing lights. There was a ton of effort put in here, but the level still lacks focus.

Emerald Glade Zone - Decent first map, I suppose? That said, this is so rough, and it being in the shape of Sonic's head is cute but not a saving grace. Perhaps the map could've kept its shape yet still included all the terrain of a normal map. That could be pretty cool.


Hub - I don't care how quickly it was put together, the inclusion of the Pride flags alone makes this my favorite OLDC hub yet.

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