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Metallic Madness Good Future by Kwiin and Failur.old [MY STAGE]
Hub Zone, by Sphere and Zipper
Wild West Zone, Act 2 by Dead
Rustic Templar Zone by MK.exe
Oasis Palace Zone by So2ro
Spyro Ripto Blast 2 - Snowflake Ridge by TrickyTex & Tatsuru
Overgrown Heights Zone by InferNOr
Aqua Paradise Zone by Twins'R'Awesome
Hectic Harbor Zone by ACStriker
Shadow of Atlantis Zone by akirahedgehog
Toffee Tor Zone, Act 1 by RoyKirbs
Cluttered Cave Zone, Act 2 by Riolucariolu
Wasteland Wilds Zone by SunCyclone
Concordian Coast Zone by Ktoby & Pronicthewedgehog
Magma Falls Zone by RadicalChaos
Anteggtica Zone by Radicalicious
Cyan Heights Zone by PencilVoid
Crystal Cave Zone by CST1229
Heroes Hall by Zaxel
Myriad Memories Zone by ManimiFire
Hypertower Zone by WasifBoomz
Valley Falls Zone by Hamsandwich

Big Arch by Kwiin [MY STAGE]
Moonlight Zone by Krabs
Serene Shore Zone by Krabs
Jagged Creek Zone by RoyKirbs

Crystalline Heights Zone by Revan
Disco Town Zone by Trege
Spiral Cavern Zone by Su_per

Greenflower Canyon Zone by Kwiin & Frostiikin [MY STAGE]
HydroWing Zone by JABSphere94
Haptic Caverns Zone by PencilVoid
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