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1. Ante-Station Zone
- Jank. The engine has a ROUGH time with this level.
+ this is so pretty.
+ just a really solid level otherwise honestly
2. Hollow Hill Zone
-kinda bland and short
-gimmick doesn't really come in until the end on some routes
-some level of slope overuse?
+was overall solid even through this
+lots to explore, at least
+the atmosphere....
3. Ridge Rapids Zone
-You can get lost super easily
+But it's just a nice romp for the most part
4. Mercury Mine Zone
-Level does nothing with its gimmick. Like, coulda done more with high-gravity water, but it's just a hazard that doesn't even kill you besides drowning.
+Platforming is fine.
5. Abyss Caverns Zone
+ Honestly a really cool atmosphere, and has a lot of potential
-Level kinda ends before it can get anywhere.
6. Teal Tundra Zone
+ It's fine?
- Doesn't do a whole lot. Not a lot to say here.
7. Fort Sunset Zone
+ Level OOZES charm. I've never even played Drawn to Life and I can tell your love for the game just by playing this.
- Level has basically no substance. You run and jump in circles around a small castle until you've collected 500 coins and then you win.
8. Koopa Kastle Zone
+ Really nails the Mario aesthetic.
+ Platforming was honestly pretty fun!
- The Brak fight at the end adds nothing. You could have just ended it after the Bowser on the bridge and it would probably have worked better.
- MAN this is empty and dull and doesn't do a lot with the concept of a Mario castle.
9. Music Mash Zone
- oh god why is literally every texture animated
- level could occasionally be confusing
- music breaks at the end
+ despite all that, the platforming was legitimately a lot of fun, and there's elements here I really like!
+ i like the trombone puzzle that's pretty great. could have used an indicator of when it was finished but like. it was neat.
+ i like the instruments making sounds, the piano and drum are both lots of fun to play around with
+ The callback section made me have a goofy little smile on my face the rest of the level. You haven't won this ranking, Wasif, but you've won my heart.
10. Lava Temple
? I have absolutely no clue what in the world this theming is.
+ Platforming is occasionally nice...
- And occasionally deeply frustrating.
+ Lots of character paths!
- I had no clue that the bone textures were anything but decoration.
11. Bombastic Beach Zone
+Level didn't overstay its welcome.
-Level arguably didn't enter the house long enough for anyone to welcome it at all.
12. Blizzard Bastion Zone
- why is everything gray i can barely see
- you can get lost fairly easily
- None of the falling platforms respawn ever.
+ Platforming was alright. Some jumps felt awkward.
13. Emerald Glade Zone
? Um...
+ The Earless art was nice?
14. Falcon Emissary
+ Amazing theming, amazing atmosphere
- Incredibly tight jumps (as Sonic), enemies everywhere, platforming challenges where you're seemingly stuck if you fail...
-...the level takes a while to load, aggravating the difficulty...
- Just wasn't very fun to play at all.
15. Drenched Dam
+ The concept of a metal sonic race level is neat.
+ Music was nice.
- It's really really easy to get lost because of the invisible walls.
- why are there SO MANY ENEMIES
- couldn't even finish the stage, let alone beat Metal.
16. Zaxel's Thunder Yard
+ Nice theming
+ I really like when stages have stories built in.
- Really long, and kind of loses its focus with gimmicks past the first few segments.
- Enemies are better off ignored because they take so many hits.
+The first troll exit was kind of funny? I guess?
------- The second really wasn't. The stage is way too long to begin with, please do not force me to play the entire thing again because I was curious.
Trapping players in deathloops intentionally isn't fun.
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