Victory Poses

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you know I feel like Sonic and his friends don't feel accomplished enough when beating a level


There we go!

How it works: If the player is standing still and not moving (teetering) at the goal, the animation will play.

This mini-mod supports the following characters:

  • Vanilla Sonic
  • Vanilla Tails
  • Vanilla Knuckles
  • FSonic
  • TailsCD
  • Heroes Mod Sonic
  • Heroes Mod Knuckles
  • Rosy (and Rosebud)
  • Shadow
  • Heroes Mod Shadow
Please let me know of any other MB/Skybase released Sonic's, Tails', Knuckles', or FSonic's(wait wut) to add to this mini mod.

If you have a set of sprites to use as a victory pose for a custom character (AND HAVE PERMISSION TO DO SO), please contact me via PM, Discord, or Skype to submit them.

Known Issues:
Failing ERZ3's race portion will cause the animation to play in co-op.

Update 1.1: In an attempt to fix the animation from playing in NIGHTS stages, the script broke/didn't work. Now the error has been removed.

Update 2: Rosy and Shadow have been added with thanks to Soniko and Bright Tails/Commando Echidna,

Thanks to Motor for allowing permission of these sprites,
and Lat' for making them!


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a.k.a. HyperFlare957
This could be an issue on my end, but the animations aren't showing when I finish the act. I tried it with Sonic and FSonic, but nothing happened.


Hoo boy, found the issue, turns out the way the script checked for NIGHTS stages broke the entire script (or something like that). This wad has been updated.


a.k.a. HyperFlare957
I've tried it out and it seems to add only a small amount of victory to the game.
The animations themselves are okay, it's just the transition into them. Say for example you were running at top speed into the goal and your character doesn't stop in time to show the pose before the screen shows the results.

I have some suggestions for this to make it better.
1. Try making the characters skid to a stop upon finishing the level if they are moving fast enough to do so, including any AI e.g. Tails.
2. This ties into the previous point, if this is even remotely possible, can the results screen not be a still background as it defeats the purpose of having animated victory poses.
3. When playing the game in a 2D level, the pose doesn't transition very well and as such, would be better handled with some 2D specific sprites. An Idea could be to use a Sonic 3 inspired victory animation.

Other than those, it serves it's purpose very well, however in the end, it's up to you with what to do with this wad.


The one and only!
Kart Krew™️
Looks great i hope to see more characters get the same treatment!.

This has to be in.... someone else said it.


The one and only!
Kart Krew™️
What the developers need to do for 2.3 is hardcode every lua from Releases, even if they break.

I like the sound of this but i would pick certain ones that make sense to be hardcoded such as this one.

Plus i would of put this comment in the suggestions.... just saying :v

Demnyx Onyxfur

Demnyx Onyxfur
I'm trying to get these to work with SRB2Heroes. Emphasis on trying. I'm pretty sure the code is correct, but the buddies aren't forced into the animation.
//Srb2Heroes Test
addHook("ThinkFrame", do
	for player in players.iterate
		if (player.exiting)
		and player.speed == 0
		and player.tails.speed == 0
		and player.knuckles.speed == 0
		and P_IsObjectOnGround(
		and P_IsObjectOnGround(player.tails)
		and P_IsObjectOnGround(player.knuckles)
		and (( == S_PLAY_STND) or ( == S_PLAY_TAP1) or ( == S_PLAY_TAP2))
		and not (player.pflags & PF_NIGHTSMODE)
		and not (maptol & TOL_NIGHTS)
			if (player.tails) and ( == "h_tails")
				player.tails.state = S_TSVC1
			elseif (player.tails) and ( == "h_knuckles")
				player.tails.state = S_KNVC1
			if (player.knuckles) and ( == "h_tails")
				player.knuckles.state = S_TSVC1
			elseif (player.knuckles) and ( == "h_knuckles")
				player.knuckles.state = S_KNVC1
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Demnyx Onyxfur

Demnyx Onyxfur
When I take out all the checks except for P_IsObjectOnGround, it still doesn't seem to work, even when I put the code into LUA_ANIM.
I sort of know how to add these poses to Heroes. I might sometime in the future.
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Hey Duon I tried to add my own victory pose for Shadow but it didn't work and everyone else victory poses don't trigger, any tips?



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