[v1.1] PANIC

[v1.1] PANIC 1.1


Overeager Raposa
If nobody complains about Shadow Cellar, I vow to make it three times as long.

All jokes aside, great to see this finally reach the MB. We've been working on this in the CSCS for months now, LOL.


this is so impressive, yet dumb, it took me 2 minutes to realize that the game actually crashed with a segment violation in one of the levels


The dumbest man
LJ Sonic's level is probably the coolest in this pack. It breaks the wall so much... It was a very interesting experience. The level in the superflat world of minecraft is also very interesting.

But otherwise... I didn't appreciate the "joke" (if it was here of course?). I will not rate because the levels are too different from 1 star to 5 (yes, putting 3 stars is for weaklings) I don't want to offend anyone, this is just a joke
great pack i got 45 minutes playing only on the first level


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what's the song used for the shadow cellar level?
(edit: i forgot to say that the song sounded like it's from super paper mario)
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