Using my Windows Folder as Linux folder

I have dualbooted Windows and Xubuntu for two different uses. One is for general use, and the other is for online classes. During online classes though, I usually get bored, so I play either SRB2 or SRB2Kart. I have installed both on each system.

Now, my question is: Is there any way to use my Windows SRB2 folder instead of ~/.srb2?

All of my add-ons are on the Windows installation, and I do not want to download all the same add-ons on the Linux version. And besides, it is only 50gb, and I do not want to waste it all. It would be very kind of you guys to help me.

By the way, I found out how to change the custom add-ons folder to my Windows one, but I cannot use addfile and stuff.

(And, Is there some way I can change my Username to Aquatic Akito? I can't find it in the User Control Panel.)
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I have never played Srb2 on Linux, yet.

That doesn't stop me from giving bad advice *evil grin*

Can you actually mount your Windows filesystems in Xubuntu?
You could try a crontab to sync your files using rsync (it might just eff everything up). If you really feel adventurous try looking into soft links using ln.

You can't mount the files? Try syncing it using an external server.

Please backup before attempting new things you are not used to...

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