Fixed Using Lua scripts and joining unmodded servers force a server crash

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The steps to reproduce this exploit are not included in this post for security reasons as it can crash any unmodified server, but details can be sent in private if requested.

Crashing the game with this method under a debug build with gdb attached gives out the following details:

Program recieved signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
lua_settop (L=0x0, idx=0) at blua/lapi.c:168
168    blua/lapi.c: No such file or directory.
This issue was tested and can be reproduced on both Windows and Linux builds.

Also worth noting that this exploit doesn't work if any one of these conditions are met:
The game is modified. The server instead kicks the ScriptPlayer out for illegal Lua usage.
The server uses an SRB2 build compiled without Lua. The ScriptPlayer's game crashes instead, with an "unfortunate Lua processing error occurred in the exe itself" message.

Let me know if I need to include anything else.
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I have a potential fix for this as we speak, just so everyone knows. Just needs testing to confirm it works.
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