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Unofficial Level Design Collab: ULTIMATE -- A SUGOI inspired pack!


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Logo by @SpinSlash165

Unofficial Level Design Collab ULTIMATE!
Unthinkably Large Televisions Initiate Mass Antagonization Toward Everybody

ULDC Ultimate Deadline: Monday, March 5, 2023.
ULDC Ultimate Release Date: Christmas 2023

ULDC Autumn 2022 Map Update Deadline: November 15, 2022
ULDC Autumn 2022 Release Date: November 25, 2022

Join the Discord Server!

More ULDC Ultimate Information!

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It's probably clear from everything you see above, however I have to clarify this is NOT a contest. There will be no stage voting held, and stages will not be ranked. This is to incentivize people making a cute stage or two, and coming together as a community to help each other out.

Woah, this is neat. Where does the 'collab' part come in though?
Simple! At all times over the course of the next three months, participants are encouraged to share their mapping progress in this thread. And other users are welcome to step in and offer advice on how to improve and where to go next. The idea here is a scenario where people can help each other improve and learn from one another.

Additionally, if you're looking to collaborate with someone to cover a base you're weak in (For example, you've always had an idea for that perfect custom enemy but don't know how to sprite) and you don't know who to ask for help, then ask in this thread! I strongly encourage people to lend each other a hand here.

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ENTRY RULES (shamelessly copy and pasted and then heavily edited from the OLDC Rules):

Only Singleplayer levels, multiplayer levels will not be accepted. This is an SP-only collab event.

Make sure that the level works properly, that it is normally accessible, and that it does not interfere with other levels. This means that:
  • Levels need to be completable.
  • Existing resources (textures, objects, sounds, music, etc.) can not be overwritten.
  • Any scripts present in your level must not interfere with other levels. If your level contains significant gameplay changes, please ensure that they are contained solely within your level slot using a MapLoad hook. In this case, please notify us in your submission post.
Keep music files under 3MB. Unlike the OLDC, this is for individual music files, and not all total music files.

Unlike the OLDC, you can submit as many levels as you want to! They can be updates of old levels, or based off of other video games. This isn't a contest, so it isn't required that levels are your own original level design. (Example: you could remake a level of another sonic fangame in 2D mode and submit it to this collab)

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ULDC Ultimate -> NOW through March 5th, 2023, 12:00pm EST.

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Some Extra Notes:

There are three big hurdles one has to come across to make a full stage in SRB2. So I've come to address them here.

The first hurdle you'll come across when making a stage is knowing how to use the software required to build levels.
Click here and watch these videos if you don't know how to use Zone Builder.

The second hurdle when creating a level in SRB2 is actually knowing what you want to create. Discuss with people in the Discord server to help you get stage ideas, we'll be glad to help you! Never be afraid to share progress.

The third hurdle you'll face is actually finishing your stage. Make your stage short and sweet before making it large. It's far too easy to get caught up in a big, ambitious idea, and then lose all motivation to finish it. Make a stage that's small, that you can reasonably complete. If you find that you have time to expand on it, then do so, but starting too big runs the risk of never completing it at all.

uldc ultimate marker (1).png

How To Submit your Stage:

Upload the file for your stage in this thread, or on the discord channel in #uldc-submissions. Down below. Make a new post for any subsequent updates, I won't be able to know if you updated a file otherwise.

Submissions sent here into this thread must be formatted as such:
Download: [Link]
Title: [Map Name]
Credits: [Who made what]

By submitting a level to the Unofficial Level Design Collab, You are permitting the ULDC Development team to make any modifications to your level deemed necessary.
(Examples: Porting your level to future versions of SRB2. Removing any inappropriate content from your level, and fixing minor bugs, like untagged deathpits).
This does NOT mean we own your level. You are still allowed to upload it elsewhere. You can still ask for your level to be removed, or explicitly ask for it not to be ported at any time.
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Now to think of it, I coooouuuld submit Challenge.wad in here, if i'm too late maybe oldc

People probably wanna play it and it probably has some weak points i could update the map for next uldc


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What's the differences between ULDC and OLDC? I'm just asking for a more clear explanation.
The OLDC (Official Level Design Contest), is a competition hosted by SRB2 Judges (That's what makes it official!) where people make maps to compete against one another, and gain the most votes.

The ULDC (Unofficial Level Design Collab), is far more casual. There is no contest aspect, just make fun maps for the community to play! There isn't as much pressure for a high standard, just make what you want and have fun making it. It's run by me, which makes it Unofficial.


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The OLDC (Official Level Design Contest), is a competition hosted by SRB2 Judges (That's what makes it official!) where people make maps to compete against one another, and gain the most votes.

The ULDC (Unofficial Level Design Collab), is far more casual. There is no contest aspect, just make fun maps for the community to play! There isn't as much pressure for a high standard, just make what you want and have fun making it. It's run by me, which makes it Unofficial.
Cool. Thanks!


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Nine days left before the ULDC Spring 2022 deadline, everyone! It's about time to wrap up your submissions... Or make something quick if you're up to it!


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About 6 hours left for ULDC submissions!
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Submission deadline is over!
No new maps may be submitted.
If you have submitted a map already, you are still allowed to post updates!

See you this Easter!
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Hello everybody, I just wanted to drop in to remind everyone that the ULDC autumn 2022 deadline is in 1 month.

If you're working on something, here's that little push to finish it up!
If not, what's the harm in doing a little speedmapping, eh?

Just a note, I have a surprise in store for everyone. Even though the submission deadline is still September 5th, this ULDC will not release for quite a while.

I want to make this the largest ULDC yet, and that's all up to you guys. I'm accepting anything, regular maps, emerald hunts, 2D Maps, NiGHTs maps, boss maps. If you know a friend who may be interested in submitting a map or two, send them an invite here!


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Just a reminder to everyone here outside of the ULDC server, the ULDC Autumn 2022 deadline closes in 2 days

Put the last finishing touches on your map if you haven't already!
If you know a friend with a finished or near-finished map, direct them towards this thread.

Until then, thank you all for your interest making the ULDC the best it can be!


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1 hour and 30 minutes remain!
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With 22 submissions, this is slated to be the largest collab yet, The submission deadline is now ove-


There is no Autumn 2022 ULDC! Muahahaha, you've been fooled!















I hope you're all excited for this new announcement! When I have the time, I will update the main thread to give more information on this event.
Thank you!
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I'm going to have to review what levels I've previously submitted and see what ones I've already updated in Dimension Glaber.
huh, what a surprise. i do have a good few shitty levels from a couple of years ago that could benefit from a remake. i'll see what i can do!


Creator of all that is unreal
I am far from skilled when it comes to level design. I guess I can make a boss act. Never been in the ULDC before, this is my big chance lol

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